Agency Holiday Cards 2018: Inventive and Creative Send-Offs to the Year, Part 3

Shops used everything from animated videos to ASMR

Santa draws an awful hand.
Passion Animation Studio

Adweek’s roundup of agency holiday cards continues with approaches including gaming, ASMR, animated videos and a take on Drunk History.

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Agency Holiday Cards 2018: Inventive and Creative Send-Offs to the Year

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ABC Creative Group — “Drunk Christmas”

Drunk History has delighted audiences with soused historical reenactments for years, proving its formula versatile and enduring. So why not expand the approach to fiction?

That’s what ABC Creative Group did with their fun video holiday card, in which owner and creative director Travis Bort and senior art director Mike Haines attempt to tell the story of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, apparently while quite inebriated.

Things go about as expected, which is the charm of the approach really. It’s refreshing to see an agency not taking itself too seriously and using its holiday card as a way to have fun and make something entertaining.

Brownstein Group— “Choose Your Own Philly Adventure”

Who didn’t love Choose Your Own Adventure stories growing up?

For its agency holiday card, Philadelphia agency Brownstein Group took a cue from the classic series. The adventure begins with a choice between three storylines: Miracle on S. Broad Street, It’s an Advertising Life or A Religiously Ambiguous Carol.

“I think what we enjoyed most about it was seeing others in the agency use it and how much fun people had creating their stories. For it to be successful outside of the agency, we had to make sure the people who were creating it had fun using it,” Brownstein Group designer Matt Rondos said. “During our internals we had everyone fill one out and there was so much genuine laughter. That’s when we knew we had a good idea.”

Burson, Cohn & Wolfe — “Spoken Word Holidays”

The newly-merged PR agency Burson, Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) decided to let spoken word artists do the talking. Its holiday card delivers a message of unity and inclusion.

“The card became more than just a holiday greeting, but an important message about our culture, our people and our values,” executive vice president, global communications Catherine Sullivan explained. 

“We love how it all came to life through the passionate and diverse voices of those featured in it,” she added. “The last thing we want to be is ordinary. In the words of one of our artists, ‘Ordinary is just being stuck on repeat.'”

Copacino+Fujikado — “Agency Holiday Card Bingo”

Seattle agency Copacino+Fujikado got meta with their agency holiday card, with a bingo card for of all the agency holiday card tropes this year. The agency then kept track on Instagram Stories. Acknowledging their own contribution, the agency provided a center space for “Getting Meta With Agency Holiday Cards #CFHolidayBingo.” If you’re wondering, oh yes, we certainly have a bingo.

Deutsch — “Pie It Forward”

Deutsch’s effort revolves around a tasty pun on “pay it forward.” At Thanksgiving, the agency sent out two pies, asking recipients to keep one pie and to share the other with someone in need. (And when it comes to pies, aren’t we all in need?)

It’s a fun way to spread a spirit of giving around the holiday season and a refreshing change of pace from usual gifts. As an added bonus, the agency got to sample pies at Sweet Lady Jane Bakery.

Digitas — “Holiday Unicorn”

The holiday season is chock-full of magical creatures, but unicorns are usually not among the ensemble cast.

Digitas seeks to change that this year, dressing up the Digitas Unicorn in festive holiday gear. Recipients of the agency’s holiday card will find the unicorn dressed according to their location and weather. Teams across the agencies U.S., Costa Rica, and India offices worked on the card, with 18 unicorn designs in total and four weather filters: “toasty, chilly, brisk, and ice-cold.”

Digitas is asking that recipients of the card to make a donation to One Warm Coat, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1992 that distributes coats and other clothing to those in need.

Empower — “The Confessions of Mrs. Claus”

Sure, Santa Claus seems to pull off the impossible every year, including one ultra-marathon of a workday. But he doesn’t do it alone.

Creative media agency Empower finally gives Mrs. Jessica Jingle-Claus her due in its agency holiday card, which takes the form of a podcast series produced at its recording studio. To introduce the series, Empower mailed festive red earbuds and a written note from Mrs. Claus to its clients and partners.

“Mrs. Claus runs the workshop, handles Santa’s intense meet and greet schedule and collaborates with major brands to create Christmas campaigns,” explained Empower senior director of marketing Meghann Craig. “With about a billion years of experience working at North Pole Media and keeping the elves (and Santa) in check, she offers a wealth of knowledge and tips to young aspiring elves climbing their way up the evergreen ladder.”

Givewith — “Fight Hunger”

It’s no surprise that Givewith, an agency dedicated to making it “easier for brands to donate to nonprofits by including social impact as part of its digital ad buys” opted to give back for the holidays.

The agency asked recipients to engage with its card. Simply by opening the email, they triggered a $100 donation from the agency to domestic hunger-relief organization Feeding America.

“Once radical, cause marketing has become a one-way dialogue between brand and consumers, so having the social ‘impact’ or ‘good’ rely solely on consumer interaction feels incredibly subversive,” Givewith marketing coordinator Rachel Kerr said.

GreenRubino — “Holiday Jammin”

Sometimes for the holidays you just need to break out the jams.

GreenRubino set out to do that in two different ways in an effort to spread some holiday cheer. The agency mailed recipients branded jam that connected to a website designed in-house containing curated playlists of songs carefully selected by “taste experts” at the agency.


Like us, the folks at Austin-based agency GSD&M have a soft spot for dogs and cats.

For its holiday card, the agency created an integrated campaign to raise awareness for local pet shelter Austin Pets Alive!

“There isn’t a day at GSD&M that you won’t find a furry companion in a meeting. We’re big on pets. So, Austin Pets Alive! means a lot to GSD&M because for many of them, it’s where they found their pet,” GSD&M CCO Jay Russell explained. “To keep Austin the largest no-kill city in the country, APA! is in great need of materials to help keep pets safe and happy until they find their forever homes.”

The campaign includes an 18-foot “wishlist” tree containing items to be donated to the shelter and a website takeover, in addition to a traditional holiday card featuring over a dozen adoptable dogs and cats mailed to the agency’s friends, clients and partners

Huge — “Magenta Gift Guide”

Brooklyn-based agency Huge combined the digital with the physical for its holiday card, which consisted of a physical printed copy of its agency gift guide, and a basket full of augmented reality easter eggs.

Huge chief design officer Derek Fridman explained that the holiday gift guide, which utilizes AR technology such as Unity and Apple’s ARKit, is a follow-up to an initial test the agency conducted over the summer with its zine.

Fridman called the project “part art project and part science experiment,” with the agency seeing it as a way to explore the possibilities of the technology.

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