Adnatomy: Quarantine Gives Progressive a Creativity Boost

Flo, Jamie, Mara and colleagues have been doing their best to work from home

The Progressive crew exchange some socially distant hugs. Progressive

In the latest installment of Adweek’s Adnatomy—a new video series exploring how brands, agencies and production companies continue to make commercials during the pandemic—we sat down with the team at Progressive to chat about their spots featuring Flo, Jamie, Mara and colleagues doing their best to work from home.

Watch how Matt Dillon, business leader of creative development at Progressive Insurance, and Sean McBride, chief creative officer at Arnold Worldwide, got the Progressive gang back together using ingenuity, improv and iPhones—behind-the-scenes footage included.

@hiebertpaul Paul Hiebert is a CPG reporter at Adweek, where he focuses on data-driven stories that help illustrate changes in consumer behavior and sentiment.