Ad Tracker Tool to Improve Advertisers’ Digital Media Carbon Footprint

Ad-tech company Good-Loop offers sustainability measures to offset advertising's environmental impact

A typical online ad campaign emits 5.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, almost half that produced by the average UK individual each year (Good Loop).
Photo by ANGELA BENITO on Unsplash

As advertisers have been increasing their carbon impact through the growing use of digital advertising, one ad-tech business has developed a campaign in a bid to support their attempt to repair the damage.

Good-Loop has created an ad tracker, “The Green Ad Tag,” which can be run cross-platform through digital campaigns on display to out of home and allow agencies to monitor their environmental impact alongside viewability metrics.

According to the agency’s custom-built carbon calculator, a typical online ad campaign emits 5.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide, almost half that produced by the average person in the UK each year.  

In response, the sustainability-conscious company aims to aid advertisers as they begin to change their carbon impact by 2030.

It works by detecting data transmissions in real-time by territory, device, bandwidth usage and time of day and combines these to determine the costs based on local electricity consumption rates to track campaign emissions. These can be monitored through the accompanying dashboard.

In a statement, Amy Williams, CEO and founder of Good-Loop, praised some of the industry initiatives that have been put in place as the ad industry “is finally starting to get its act together” on its environmental impact.

“But to ensure these commitments are not just more hot air, advertisers need access to the right tools to help them significantly reduce their carbon footprints,” she added, highlighting the Green Ad Tag as another tool to offset advertising’s impact throughout the lifetime of live media plans.

In response, Good-Loop will offer the carbon impact of entire campaigns and provide recommendations to advertisers on how to lower the impact of their media buying too, using a rate it has named “TreePM” which will see a tree planted for every 1,000 impressions purchased.

Other offsetting measures run by Good-Loop around its ad campaigns include investing in projects that remove or prevent CO2 emissions and offering formats to advertisers that reward consumer attention with donations to sustainable causes and projects.

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