3 Automotive Brands Dominated Spending on New Creative Last Week

Spending was highest during the NBA Finals

Toyota will make a comeback in the Super Bowl LII. Toyota USA

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Three automotive brands populated Kantar Media’s list of last week’s top spenders on national broadcast placement for new campaigns. Spending on new creative increased last week, with 594 advertisers devoting around $95 million on placement for new campaigns, an increase of nearly a third over the previous week’s total of roughly $72 million, although well short of the $122 million mark set the week before that. Of that, advertisers devoted nearly $8.7 million on placement during the first two games of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers last week.

Total spending on broadcast placement was down, however, with advertisers spending around $746 million last week, compared to $828 million the week prior.

While three automotive brands made Kantar Media’s list, Toyota lapped the competition, spending some $9 million on broadcast placement, 81 percent of its $11.1 million budget, for a pair of spots promoting its 2018 CH-R cross-over vehicle. Of that, $5.3 million was dedicated to prime-time programming, spread out between a variety of shows including Mom and Life in Pieces. Lethal Weapon received $400,000, which was the most spending on new creative of any show.

The ads feature the 2018 CH-R, not a fantasy prince, saving modern-day depictions of Cinderella and Rapunzel. Both spots made their debut on May 29, running in both English and Spanish. As of the compiling of Kantar Media’s report, the “Cinderella” spot had run a total of 1,142 times with an expenditure of $5.6 million, while “Rapunzel” had run 1,216 times for a total expenditure of $3.5 million.

The No. 2 spender on broadcast placement for new creative was Warner Brothers Pictures. The studio spent just over $4.9 million (86 percent of its $5.7 million spent overall on broadcast placement) on new trailers for DC comic book adaption Wonder Woman, Amy Poehler/Will Ferrell comedy The House and Christopher Nolan war film Dunkirk. Of that, the studio spent $2.1 million on promoting the June 2 release of Wonder Woman, $1.5 million on the June 30 premiere of The House and $1.2 million on the July 21 premiere of Dunkirk. $2.1 million of that was spent on placement during the NBA Finals, including all of the $1.2 million spent promoting Dunkirk.

Chevrolet spent nearly $3.5 million, or 65 percent, of its broadcast placement budget of over $5.3 million on the latest spot from its “Real People. Not Actors.” campaign, which includes an ending promoting a deal on the 2018 Chevy Equinox. $160,000 of that was spent on placement during NBC’s Today Show.

Acura, the third automotive brand on Kantar Media’s list, spent the entirety of its approximate $3.4 million national broadcast placement budget on a new brand spot promoting multiple Acura models. A significant portion of that, nearly $1.2 million, was spent on a push during the NBA Finals.

Restaurant chain Olive Garden rounded out the list of last week’s top spenders on broadcast placement for new creative. Olive Garden devoted 64 percent of its $4.5 million budget, nearly $2.9 million, on placement for a spot promoting its new “Tour of Italy” offering. Of that, $209,000 was spent on placement during NBC’s World of Dance, more than any other programming.

@ErikDOster erik.oster@adweek.com Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.