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Your Answer to Illustration Trends in 2024

Scratchboard, woodblock, and watercolor are just a few of the illustration mediums that are slated to be big this year, all of which can be found in our latest publication

An excerpt from our latest blog post:

“There is a wealth of techniques and styles to explore in the 2024 WORKBOOK’s Directory of Illustration, the first collaborative issue between Workbook and The Directory of Illustration, online now and arriving on desks soon.

“Scratchboard, woodblock, watercolor, and even the hand-knit are just some of the illustration mediums that Workbook artists employ to express themselves and their ideas. According to industry blog, CreativeBloq, we will be seeing a lot more of these made-by-hand techniques in 2024.”

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Featured image Artist: Zara Picken from RAPP|ART

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