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XR Extreme Reach CEO Louisa Wong Appointed to Ad Council Board of Directors

"To be a part of the Ad Council's Board of Directors is an honor and a privilege. As the Ad Council inspires action and improves lives, I am excited to contribute my expertise and passion to help drive meaningful change on pressing issues that impact everyday Americans such as gun violence prevention, spreading of misinformation that can impact mental health, substance use disorders, and hate and bias. Together, we are a force for positive impact, leveraging our collective influence to make a difference in communities across the country." - Louisa Wong, CEO, XR

XR Extreme Reach (XR) Chief Executive Officer, Louisa Wong, has been elected to the Ad Council Board of Directors.

Joining the ranks of 23 newly elected senior executive board members, Wong will help ensure that the Ad Council’s campaigns remain effective and impactful as the organization remains steadfast in addressing the country’s most critical and pressing social and health issues in America. The nonprofit’s mission is to convene the best storytellers to educate, unite and uplift by opening hearts and inspiring action to accelerate change. Wong joins the board with other executive leaders of top organizations from Paramount, PepsiCo, Verizon and others.

XR and Ad Council are proud to be taking part in some of the most important topics at the Cannes Lions 2024 International Festival.

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