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Wunderkind’s New Marketer’s Guide Outlines How To Combat Cart Abandonment Challenges

Website, email, text message, mobile app, and advertising tactics and strategies to maximize eCommerce potential

Today’s marketing landscape is full of changes, uncertainty and confusion. To help marketers navigate these industry dynamics, Wunderkind — the leading performance marketing solution that delivers guaranteed revenue and performance for brands, publishers and advertisers — has released a new guide titled “The New Performance Marketing Era” available as a free download.

The guide contains both short-term tactics and long-term strategic guidance for marketers to establish successful priorities, budgets, and resources amid such changing variables as:

  • Data and privacy regulations and technologies
  • Inflation and supply chain challenges
  • Increased pricing of traditional paid channels
  • Shifting consumer behaviors and attitudes

The foundation of any marketing strategy is simply knowing who your customers are and what they care about, which Wunderkind’s guide helps put into stark focus. But that’s becoming harder than ever as consumers have become far more protective of their data.

According to Wunderkind data, 86% of U.S. consumers have tried to erase their online footprint, and 87% say they will no longer shop with companies they don’t trust to use their data responsibly.

Building relationships with customers is the clear way forward. That requires establishing trust, offering value, and collecting first-party information using tools like Wunderkind’s Identity Network. Optimizing your website with these goals in mind is critically important.

For instance, retailers on average allocate over 10% of their budget to creating and maintaining a quality website. That includes implementing a system that can identify and engage with site visitors, even after they’ve left. After all, 26% of consumers will return and make a purchase on a website after abandoning their cart if retargeted with direct, personalized email.

Other solutions outlined in the guide include text message marketing, mobile app development, sophisticated advertising strategies, and identity solutions.

Given that nearly 70% of eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned before completing a purchase, the tools and strategies outlined in “The New Performance Marketing Era” guide provide a solid foundation for sustainable growth and scalable success.

Download “The New Performance Marketing Era” free from Wunderkind here.

About Wunderkind

Wunderkind is the leading AI-driven performance marketing solution that collects consent-based, first-party data and identifies anonymous traffic for brands in order to scale hyper-personalized one-to-one messages. Brands lean on the Wunderkind Identity Network, a proprietary database recognizing 9 billion devices and 1 billion opted-in consumers, observing 2 trillion digital transactions per year, to trigger the most impactful offers to their target audience at the right moment and in the right channel. This proprietary data is accessed by Wunderkind's autonomous AI engine, which integrates seamlessly into a brand's existing ESP, to boost performance across email, text and advertising channels.

Wunderkind is the only performance solution that guarantees a lift in revenue for its clients and delivers over $5 billion in directly attributable revenue annually for brands across a number of industries, often ranking as a top 3 revenue channel in clients' own analytics platforms. Brands such as Harley-Davidson, Perry Ellis and Shoe Carnival partner with Wunderkind to drive top-line revenue through its guaranteed results. To learn more, visit