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Wunderkind Announces Integration With Leading CDXP Ometria To Help Retailers Scale Revenue

The capabilities are being leveraged by a footwear brand to scale high-performing, one-to-one automated email sends by 2.5x

Wunderkind, the leading cross-channel performance marketing solution, today announced its latest integration with Ometria, the first and only Customer Data Experience Platform (CDXP) designed specifically for retail, with over 200 industry-leading, global clients, including Sephora, Steve Madden, Hotel Chocolat, and Brooklinen.

The partnership provides a unique view of Wunderkind and Ometria together, allowing brands to view Wunderkind sends within the Ometria single customer view, while providing the clarity needed to measure the impact of Wunderkind’s automations.

The integration is allowing brands to make fully informed decisions on their customers and is currently being tested by a footwear brand that saw a 63% increase in repeat customers and reported 41% over revenue target for Black Friday with Wunderkind and Ometria.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Wunderkind and increase the power of both platforms through this integration, allowing customers full visibility into every Wunderkind send within Ometria’s single customer view,” said Djalal Lougouev, President, Ometria US. “Marketers can stay on top of the impact they’re having on their customers, and on their business, while continually optimizing the customer experience.”

“We’re excited to announce our newest integration partner, Ometria, the leading customer data and experience platform created for retailers,” says Richard Jones, Chief Revenue Officer at Wunderkind. “Through our collaboration, we’ve created an integration that supports our mutual client’s goals and improves their overall user experience with our tools, ultimately increasing the visibility into Wunderkind’s ability to drive first-party user data at scale through Ometria’s platform.”

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