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Work Showcase: Christian Dellavedova

This week, the Directory of Illustration highlights work from Christian Dellavedova, represented by António Adrião Artist Representative (AAARep) and their latest work for Internazionale Magazine.

Illustrator Christian Dellavedova (repped by AAA Rep) recently talked about his work for Internazionale Magazine.

 I was asked by the Italian magazine Internazionale to illustrate an article by Arianne Shahvisi about the new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the female brain, titled “What’s the difference?” – Shavisi takes a deeper step into Gina Rippon’s book “The Gendered Brain,” dealing with the myths of ‘neurosexism.’

Starting from a very brilliant thought about the story of women in chess, Shahvisi explains how science writers and journalists play their part in the myth-making since there is an appetite for science that legitimizes our prejudices.

The conclusion by the myths of “neuroxexism” are even sillier than the premise: food-gathering cavewomen had to be able to pick out blushing berries; cavemen hunters were adapted to scan the horizon against a blue sky.

From this premise I tried to represent all the issue with the simple but direct metaphors used by the authors. The result was two conceptual illustrations which deal with the main topic of the article: chess, science, self-bias and sexism.

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Dellavedova portfolio | Dellavedova website

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