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VIZIO Programming Exclusives Provide Brands With Deeper Ad Opportunities

Mattel, Hilton and Party City leverage triple-play integration for @Home with Tori premier

With streaming upending the TV viewing landscape, advertising strategies are evolving along with the new format to give brands additional ways to reach their audiences.

The recent premiere of VIZIO’s WatchFree+ Features program @Home with Tori is the latest example of how brands are gaining the ability to integrate themselves more deeply into the content of their target customers. That means not only placing ads around the programming, but also having a presence in the programming itself.

@Home with Tori came to VIZIO thanks to data collected from VIZIO’s Inscape division, which highlighted the fact that many VIZIO viewers are interested in DIY reality shows focused on home, garden, and food. As an aggregator that regularly looks for new content, VIZIO worked with the producers of @Home with Tori to bring the show to those audiences exclusively on WatchFree+.

VIZIO’s Ads division then served as a matchmaker, bringing brands and show producers together. The result gives advertisers the ability to integrate more directly with the programming itself, from product placement to brand mentions, and more in an authentic and meaningful way.

And once the show was ready to premiere, VIZIO used the same data insights to promote the new show on the Home Screen of VIZIO TV owners most predisposed to that content so viewers interested in specific genres can easily find it.

@Home with Tori premiered with branded content integrations from the likes of Mattel, Hilton and Party City, all of which took advantage of a broad range of advertising opportunities that included:

  • Native video ads during program breaks
  • Co-branded homescreen promotions & episodic title sponsorships
  • In-show mentions/placement

That’s three different ways a brand can get exposure around the program, all of which work together in a virtuous cycle of next-generation advertising activity.

This represents a powerful integration of the hardware that displays the content, the software that powers the experience, the platform that serves the ads, and now the content itself.

Read the full story on VIZIO’s Platform+ site.

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