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VIZIO Expands Partnership With AdImpact, Licenses Ad Catalog To Enhance CTV Targeting

The partnership will help political buyers better plan, target, and measure the impact of campaigns at the local and congressional district level across VIZIO’s exclusive inventory

VIZIO (NYSE: VZIO) today announced an expansion of its partnership with ad intelligence company AdImpact, licensing its proprietary ad catalog ahead of the upcoming political season. This builds on AdImpact’s multi-year agreement to leverage VIZIO Inscape’s industry-leading ACR data and nationally representative panel (NRP).

AdImpact’s ad catalog underpinned with Inscape’s industry-leading viewership data from over 23 million opt-in devices* will provide VIZIO Ads’ political buyers with the most comprehensive view of local and national TV advertising across linear and streaming. The partnership will also enhance VIZIO’s analytics suite, helping political buyers better plan, target, and measure campaigns across VIZIO’s unique CTV inventory.

For political buyers, this will provide the ability to target under and over-exposed audiences, optimize reach and frequency across households, and extend CTV-first campaigns on VIZIO to additional devices. Additionally, this will provide granular insight into ad exposure at the zip code and congressional district level, and provide a better understanding of the incremental reach of CTV vs Linear.

“VIZIO has become an essential platform for TV advertisers, and political advertisers are no different,” said Ken Norcross, Vice President, Data Licensing and Strategy at VIZIO. “We have an exclusive audience that you can’t reach anywhere else, and this partnership will help political buyers more efficiently connect with potential voters while ensuring the most relevant experience possible for the viewer at home.”

“There is no better time than now to expand upon our VIZIO partnership, as we head into a very competitive general election season,” said Kyle Roberts, CEO of AdImpact. “By licensing our proprietary ad catalog, political advertisers buying with VIZIO will gain an enhanced view of campaign performance and access better targeting capabilities to ensure they’re effectively reaching and engaging with potential voters ahead of November 5th.”

*Based on opted-in devices that have been active within the past 365 days.

About AdImpact
AdImpact is the leading advertising intelligence Software-as-a-Service company, specializing in tracking and analyzing advertising data across various media channels, including traditional, digital, and emerging platforms. Our real-time monitoring captures over one billion TV ad occurrences daily. We maintain the industry’s largest ad catalog consisting of over 1.2 million unique creatives. Our coverage extends across all 210 designated market areas (DMAs), over 41,000 zip codes, and across more than 20 million IP addresses. Currently, we capture data and analytics for over 88,000 brands and advertisers. Our reliable real-time data and analytics empower users to monitor competitor ad occurrences, spending, messaging, and creatives, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

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