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ViewersLogic Single Source Data TV Panel now includes iOS users

Panel now even more representative of UK population, boosting accuracy and applicability of ViewersLogic’s insights

ViewersLogic, the leading consumer behaviour data company, has launched its Single-Source Panel app on iOS. Until now exclusive to Android, the app rewards panellists with up to £11 per month in Amazon vouchers and £1000 prize draws. In exchange, panellists passively share anonymised data on their media consumption (TV+online), online and offline purchases, and location.

The Single-Source data, passively collected from the UK representative panel informs ViewersLogic’s cross-media measurement, optimisation, and attribution platform. The SSD panel data is used by ITV, Channel 4, Mediacom, Ebiquity, McDonalds, Mars, and many more.

As Android and iOS maintain roughly even market share in the UK, ViewersLogic is using its new iOS app to increase sample size.

“Launching on iPhone is extremely complex and an exciting milestone. We can already see how this wave of new panellists enhances our media planning suite,” said Oren Poleg, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at ViewersLogic. “The new iOS app will make our sample even more representative of the UK population, boosting the accuracy and applicability of our insights.”

About ViewersLogic
ViewersLogic is the world leader in media investment analysis, helping brands and agencies close the loop on their entire cross-media measurement, buying and optimisation process and increase returns from their media investments. Through our ground-breaking cross-media measurement platform, we use unique single-source data to track the behaviour of the individual, not the media they consume, across TV, online and offline. Consumer exposure to an ad is closely monitored through to engagement with the brand including sales, footfall, website visits, app installs and account openings.

ViewersLogic disrupts the traditional research model which measures data from different channels and platforms in silos, then fuses it together to find probabilistic correlations. In contrast to the expensive, low-quality data produced by this method, ViewersLogic’s single-source data provides brands with the true picture of the full consumer journey to purchase they need to optimise their campaign performance and minimise waste spend. Clients include major broadcasters (ITV and C4), agencies of all sizes (Publicis, Seven stars, Bicycle, Medicom), innovative blue chip brands (Mars, JDR, McDonald’s, British Gas, John Lewis).

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