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ViewersLogic launches new media planning tool for brands and agencies

Where the hell is my audience? ViewersLogic enables brands and agencies to discover where potential customers spend their time

ViewersLogic, the leading consumer behaviour data company, has launched its cross-media, cross-platform media planning tool for brands and agencies. The tool is fed by single-source data collected 24/7 from ViewersLogic’s panel of consenting and incentivised consumers, the largest of its type in the UK.

With the tool, brands and media planners can isolate their target audience using a broad range of filters based on panellist behaviour, such as website visits, app usage, online and offline purchases, TV viewing, general interests and much more, for both their own brand or a competitor. They can then drill further down into this target audience by selecting specific viewing time deciles, for example, isolating the bottom 10% of TV viewers who are more difficult to reach than those who watch TV many hours a day and seeing where they spend their time on VOD services and social media.

A clear and intuitive interface then reveals where the target audience spends its time across linear TV, AVOD, SVOD, and social media, with each further split by sales house, channel and platform. Every metric can be compared against the general ViewersLogic panel to identify where the target audience over or under-indexes so that budget can be allocated appropriately.

Finally, media planners are shown accurate and independently calculated CPAs based on broad attribution windows, allowing them to identify the most cost-effective budget allocations for their campaign. Once launched, campaign performance can then be tracked using ViewersLogic’s monitoring, effectiveness, and attribution tools.

Ronny Golan, CEO of ViewersLogic said: “For too long, brands and media planners lacked reliable data on where their target audience spends their time. Such insights are essential to successful campaign planning, and have only become more important as the media world becomes increasingly fragmented. When media is measured in silos, brands and agencies struggle to narrow down the whereabouts of their target audience. Single source data changes this by providing brands and agencies with a holistic and untampered view of where their budgets are best spent, not just in general, but to reach specific audiences that can be surfaced from within the very same data. It’s a one-stop-shop for media planning that has no equal.”

Henry Daglish, CEO & Co-Founder of Bicycle London, has tested the tool. He said: “This is a really exciting solution that Viewerslogic is bringing to market. Far too often when trying to plan campaigns and allocate budgets effectively, gaining a full picture of cross-channel consumer behaviour has been a time consuming process with little independent oversight. ViewersLogic’s new tool changes all this for independent agencies like mine, with accessible, accurate, and transparent single-source data that we can trust. It was great to put it through its paces, and I believe it will revolutionise how we operate, by allowing us to more accurately model the potential reach and impact of our clients’ campaigns.”

About ViewersLogic
ViewersLogic is the world leader in media investment analysis, helping brands and agencies close the loop on their entire cross-media measurement, buying and optimisation process and increase returns from their media investments. Through our ground-breaking cross-media measurement platform, we use unique single-source data to track the behaviour of the individual, not the media they consume, across TV, online and offline. Consumer exposure to an ad is closely monitored through to engagement with the brand including sales, footfall, website visits, app installs and account openings.

ViewersLogic disrupts the traditional research model which measures data from different channels and platforms in silos, then fuses it together to find probabilistic correlations. In contrast to the expensive, low-quality data produced by this method, ViewersLogic’s single-source data provides brands with the true picture of the full consumer journey to purchase they need to optimise their campaign performance and minimise waste spend. Clients include major broadcasters (ITV and C4), agencies of all sizes (Publicis, Seven stars, Bicycle, Medicom), innovative blue chip brands (Mars, JDR, McDonald’s, British Gas, John Lewis).

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