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Upwave Launches Portfolio Analytics

Upwave's new capability automatically pulls custom benchmarks with instantaneous metrics to empower publishers and brands with data-informed insights

Measuring multiple brand campaigns at once just got easier, thanks to Portfolio Analytics from Upwave, which the company unveiled today. This suite enables users—for the first time—to easily explore cross-campaign brand analytics through a self-serve, exploratory dashboard. The display offers a single, unified view of multiple campaign results and displays several KPIs, all aggregated into one place to easily and quickly display brand metrics.

Historically, extracting custom benchmarks required a manual process. Now, Portfolio Analytics simplifies and automates the process, offering more useful data and comparison measurements than ever before.

Upwave’s Portfolio Analytics is the first to enables brands to:

  • Compare channel-level performance across all campaigns and brands at once to strategically compare Linear vs CTV vs OLV vs other media channels
  • Drive data strategies by comparing first-party and third-party audience performance by category
  • Negotiate with media partners at the corporate level with up-to-date, cross-campaign performance metrics by partner

Brands and agencies can then see the impact of their various campaign tactics on KPIs such as favorability, consideration, and awareness in real-time. They can use those insights to understand which specific campaign strategies are working to more efficiently focus their marketing efforts. 

“We are always looking for ways to help our advertisers examine cross-campaign brand outcomes to optimize their investments,” said Scott Symonds, Managing Partner at AKQA. “Gaining access to this level of detailed, cross-channel information through Upwave’s Portfolio Analytics in real-time gives our clients insights they didn’t previously have. Now we can more effectively optimize future brand campaigns, with as much analytical rigor as we’ve always optimized performance campaigns.”

Likewise, Upwave’s Portfolio Analytics will also uniquely empower publishers to:

  • Set lift performance expectations throughout the sales cycle and refresh ad effectiveness benchmarks by client, vertical, and ad type
  • Access and compare KPI benchmarks for display and video across multiple verticals 
  • Establish unique benchmarks to provide advertisers with detailed context on performance and compare to Upwave’s platform-wide real-time benchmarks

“We are excited to offer Upwave Portfolio Analytics to clients so they can to view the results of various campaigns in one place and help us to continue to show the value of our highly effective and accurate contextual technology,” said Travis O’Neil, Senior Vice President of Operations at GumGum.

The release of Portfolio Analytics follows a period of growth for Upwave, which in 2021 sold its legacy consumer insights platform business Instant Insights, acquired ShareofSearch, and debuted CTV Customer Lift.

This story was first reported by NextTV.

The Portfolio Analytics dashboard has been available in a closed beta. Now Upwave is now opening the opportunity for additional publishers to take advantage of Portfolio Analytics capabilities. To learn more, visit  

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