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Tubular Labs Introduces Industry-First Platform For Linking Social Video To E-Commerce

New Consumer Insights product correlates cross-platform video viewership to e-commerce outcomes across thousands of content categories.

Tubular Labs, the global leader in social video intelligence and measurement, today announced the official launch of its new Tubular Consumer Insights product, uniting social video and e-commerce. The introduction of Tubular Consumer Insights is a first-of-its-kind solution, providing Amazon shopping behavior data for all types of creators — including brands, publishers and influencers — across thousands of products and categories. 

Tubular Consumer Insights is powered by the combination of public video viewership across key social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch) and leverages global opt-in behavioral data panels. This new product connects viewership with viewers’ shopping behaviors such as product browsing, in-cart activities, purchasing and posting reviews on Amazon. 

“The launch of Tubular Consumer Insights represents the most definitive, expansive view into the consumer purchase journey from social video to consumption,” said Josh Schmiesing,Chief Marketing Officer, Tubular Labs. “We are excited about this breakthrough offering that, for the first time, allows brand marketers and media companies to connect cross-platform video viewership to buyer behaviors.”

Consumer Insights for Brand Marketers

With its ability to measure unique audiences, time spent and engagement for video at a global scale, Tubular provides performance benchmarks that empower brands and agencies to make efficient decisions that grow their business. In concert with Tubular Consumer Insights, brands advertising their products can now leverage the entire Tubular solution to integrate with video content partners whose audience already shops for similar products. This also serves as an effective contextual marketing tool, helping brands to find channels with audiences that are most likely to shop for their products, and thereby optimize ad spend.

Tubular’s Consumer Insights product informs on content strategy, contextual targeting, and partner identification with intelligence on the ways audiences shop for specific brands and products, and the content they watch. For example, people who watch videos about home automation are 36x more likely to shop for cleaning supplies than the average social viewer. 

“Tubular’s Consumer Insights product gives us valuable audience data which correlates what people watch to the brands and products they prefer,” said Christian Dankl, Precise TV Co-Founder and Chairman. “This is exactly the type of intelligence we seek to enhance our machine learning models and improve our contextual engine’s ability to identify media buying opportunities with a higher likelihood of bottom of the funnel conversions.” 

Tubular Consumer Insights for Publishers

Tubular Consumer Insights also makes it easier to identify better matches between publishers and media buyers. Publishers can see the shopping behaviors of audiences and strengthen their partnerships with brands, empowering better ad targeting based on how audiences shop online. 

“Creators and social video influence consumers buying decisions, that’s not new. What’s new is having the data and insights to identify what’s actually working,” said Neil Waller, Co-founder of global creator commerce company, Whalar. “Today, marketers and creators can leverage Tubular’s Consumer Insights tool to capture critical information at scale to consistently improve performance.”

Tubular’s Consumer Insights data uncovers insights like: 

  • The top three categories watched for candy shoppers include: travel, family & parenting and food & drink.
  • Toothpaste shoppers are most likely to watch Beauty content.
  • Disney Media Networks can now claim an estimated addressable audience of 56M Health and Household shoppers.
  • Barstool Sports audience, over-indexes on key categories like Video Games (4.1x shopping affinity), Electronics (2.2x), and Clothing (1.5x). 
  • Product categories with the largest percentage of social video audiences in Q4 include: 
    • Electronics – 19%
    • Computers & Accessories – 14%
    • Home & Kitchen – 13%
    • Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry – 12%

The Tubular Consumer Insights Suite provides visibility into the following metrics:

  • Shopping Affinity: the likelihood of a social video audience to shop for the specified product or product category, compared to an average social video viewer within 30 days of watching their social video content. 1.0x is average. 
  • Audience Share: the percentage of viewers who shopped for the specified product or product category within 30 days after watching their social video content.
  • Market Share: percentage of total product category/brand shoppers that also viewed that creator or category within the last 30 days. 
  • Relevance Score: Shopping Affinity x Market Share. This normalizes Shopping Affinity for small audience size. 

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