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Tubular Labs Announces Brand Bowl Champs

Amazon, Nissan and Turkish Airlines were most-watched on social video

Tubular Labs, the leader in global social video intelligence and measurement, today announced top performing ad creatives following the Big Game. By leveraging official measurement partnerships, Tubular is able to determine creator, brand and influencer viewership and engagement across social video platforms. 

Several commercials made the top ten list following the game including Turkish Airlines ‘Pangea’ commercial, coming in at #3 and’s Idris Elba commercial came in at #5 following the game. Amazon’s Mind Reader commercial rose from #2 on Friday to the most viewed on social video post game. Here’s a look at this year’s top performing post-game commercials on social video. 

Top-Viewed Super Bowl LVI Ads/Teasers on Social Video, Post-Game (as of 2/14/22)

*Analysis is based on earned and owned views on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Top performing platforms for each creative shown below. Views follow platform definitions.

  1. Amazon: Mind Reader Teaser & Commercial (uploaded 2/5/22) 

YouTube: 65.4 million

  1. Nissan "Thrill driver" Teaser & Commercial (uploaded 1/31/22)

YouTube: 62.4 million

  1. Turkish Airlines ‘Pangea’ (uploaded 02/10/22) 

YouTube: 15.1 million

  1. Pepsi Halftime show "The Call" Trailer (uploaded 1/20/22)

YouTube: 16.6 million

  1. Idris Elba Teasers & Commercial (uploaded 2/09) 

YouTube: 19.5 million

  1. Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda "Loudest of flavors' Guy Fieri Commercial (uploaded 2/1/22)

Twitter: 16.6 million

  1. Bud Light NEXT 'Zero in the way of possibilities' Commercial (uploaded 2/7/22)

Twitter: 14.4 million

  1. Frito-Lay Lay's ' Golden Memories' Commercial and 'What are we doing' and 'Big Fan' (uploaded 1/27/22) 

YouTube: 10 million

  1. Rakuten "High Stakes" teaser & commercial (uploaded 1/27) - 11,792,790 (uploaded 1/27)

YouTube: 11.7 million

  1. Budweiser ‘A Clydesdale’s Journey’ Commercial (uploaded 02/02/2022)

YouTube: 8.2 million

“It is no secret that the ads leading up to the big game are almost as anticipated as the game itself. This year was certainly no exception with audiences searching for ad teasers and big game ads across social video platforms,” Josh Schmiesing, CMO of Tubular Labs said. “Extending ads across social platforms allows for that connection that everyone craves around big cultural moments and an opportunity to reach large, engaged audiences who want to feel part of the big event.” 

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