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Traditional Social Listening Tactics Overlook Majority of Social Video Viewer Behavior

In a new white paper, Tubular teaches brands how they can be better prepared for viral moments, uncover audience behaviors, and make data-informed content

Tubular Labs, the leader in global social video intelligence, determined that 47% of social content is not covered through traditional social monitoring. In its recent white paper, ‘Social Listening For Video: Audience Analysis of the Silent Majority,’ Tubular found that traditional means of social monitoring take only into account a vocal minority that like and comment on videos, leaving a large subset – The Silent Majority – unaccounted for when evaluating social video audiences.

According to Tubular, for every 100 views a video generates on social media, it receives at most seven comments – meaning that for every one person that comments on a video, 13 other people watched the same video, but kept silent. Understanding audiences’ social video behavior, however, can help fill this gap.

In the white paper, Tubular helps marketers utilize social behavior data and minimize this gap by:

  1. Monitoring: Measuring only brand mentions shows a limited view on user-generated content about the brand or category, making it nearly impossible to stay ahead of potential crises or identify trends early enough to act on them (as previous Tubular research notes a trend in social video degrades after less than two weeks). By monitoring social video with keywords, phrases and competitive language, a brand can get early insight into consumer sentiments and behaviors as users generate their own content.
  2. Validating: Decisions that might seem on the surface to be “easy wins” in content planning may not actually be seen in the data. Validating on which platforms a brand’s audience watches content the most, and what else they may search to view through Tubular’s Audience Also Watches data, can make for tactical content planning.
  3. Applying: Actively applying extensive monitoring techniques and data-informed planning to a social strategy leads to implementing optimized business decisions.

“If you want to know your audience, traditional means of tracking likes and comments just won’t cut it in 2023,” said Chrissy Werner, Vice President of Marketing at Tubular Labs. “Data-powered insights that are viewer-centric and showcase behaviors over raw engagement are what not only will teach brands how to navigate viral moments in real-time, but anticipate the next opportunity before it passes.”

“For Walmart, listening to customers across all touchpoints and mediums is critical,” said Angela Palladino, Sr. Director of Strategic Insights & Analytics at Walmart. “As conversations rapidly shift to user generated video content on emerging platforms like TikTok, social listening specifically for video plays a key role in keeping pace with what is important to our customers and understanding how we can better serve them.”

To learn more about how Tubular helps to fill social listening gaps, download the white paper here.

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