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The Rise of Live Stream Experiences Across Social Media

The accessibility and interactivity of live streaming provide the phenomenal popularity and volume that has caused monumental annual growth over the past few years.

Real-time content is a living, constantly moving and evolving fabrication that is open to practically everyone.

The accessibility and interactivity of live streaming provide the phenomenal popularity and volume that has caused monumental annual growth over the past few years.

What does live video have to offer? Well, live streaming gives content creators and brands an opportunity to attract a much larger audience, generate a larger stream of online traffic as well as expand online visibility. In fact, tech conglomerate Cisco estimates that live video is expected to reach 17% of the total internet traffic during the year.

With the slow decay of television in full effect, it comes as no surprise to learn that more than half 18-49 year-olds either don’t watch TV much or not at all.

The largest viewers of live stream content are Gen Z and Millennial demographics, with 63% of the latter owning up to watching live content regularly, and an additional portion admitting to creating their own live content to distribute across social media, with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok being named as the favored platforms for both content creation and consumption.

Gaming shares the largest share of the live streaming market, and Twitch currently has firm grip as the sector’s most successful platform. Twitch reportedly controls 91% of the market share for hours watched, with YouTube Gaming attempting to claw back some of that sum. While Twitch still remains at the top, YouTube have started to kick into second gear with some of its recent updates to strengthen its streaming infrastructure, not to mention the large streamers that have left Twitch in favor of YouTube, namely Ludwig, Sykkuno and Valkyrae.

Live commerce is another contributing factor to the large scale success of live video. Live stream shopping is in high demand throughout China and Southeast Asia. The Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin has reinvented itself as a live stream shopping network where brands and creators can stream live content where their audience can instantly buy what they see.

Western markets have been tipped to replicate the enormous success of Douyin, and we’re starting to see evidence of that. As brands look to invest in innovative digital marketing strategies, it’s becoming increasingly common to see influencer-hosted live e-commerce content being broadcast across social media.

How have social media marketers adapted to these rapid changes?

At a time when brands are making billions from influencer marketing in China, Goat wanted to utilise shoppable live streams in the UK and US.

Since the turn of the year, we have been working on more live commerce briefs with a variety of clients.

In a recent example, we launched live commerce content across TikTok using influencers to promote branded products, which were made available for purchase to anyone viewing the live content.

The live streams were accompanied by paid ads containing a link to the event page, as well as Instagram Stories to drive traffic from influencer channels to the TikTok event. We are currently seeing success with live streams, demonstrating the key ingredients of any live commerce strategy combines pre-stream promotion, reactiveness and the leveraging of relevant influencers!

Shoppable live streams should be on the rise! Imagine you’re on the hunt for a new outdoor appliance, but the product page isn’t showing you all the info you need – now you have your favorite influencer showing it off, seeing its size compared to their patio, asking questions about features in real time that they can answer.

If you’re a brand approaching the next quarter of 2022 without considering live stream video or live shoppable events, now is the time!