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The Music of Chocolate

Songtradr’s Creative Agency MassiveMusic Brings Taste To Life With Hershey Project

To help celebrate its 50-year anniversary, Hershey’s Chocolate World in Pennsylvania unveiled a new attraction featuring music composed and created by Songtradr creative agency MassiveMusic.

The Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition attraction is an immersive, interactive experience designed to engage all five senses: Taste, Touch, Small, Sight, and yes… Sound. The Expedition is a virtual 20-minute train ride through six different regions, each representing a different Hershey’s product — Kisses Valley, Jolly Rancher Junction, Reese’s Ridge, Almond Joy and Mounds Cove, Kit Kat Timbers, and Twizzlers Forest.

“Travelers” can choose which region to visit through buttons on their seats, which also rumble and shake to feel like a real train ride. Three 4k laser projectors create an immersive experience across a 270-degree screen from location to location.

Songtradr’s creative agency not only developed the soundtrack for the attraction overall, but also created distinct music for each of the six destinations, essentially creating a mini sonic brand for each location (and with it… the product it represents).

This included an original composition by composer Adrian Sergovich, and assembling a full 50-piece orchestra in Budapest to record the tracks, as well as recording all the voice acting components. Working closely with Hershey’s Marketing agency Spinifex on each element, the international collaboration proved a big success.

The official opening of Hershey’s Great Candy Expedition attraction went “extremely well” according to Spinifex, resulting in record ticket sales and a happy client in Hershey.

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