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Sonobi VP, Molly McArdle Talks top Payors, CTV, and Ad Tech with OAREX

With an excellent track record of making timely payments, Sonobi was recognized as an H2 2023 Top Payor. Sonobi VP, Molly McArdle, shared some predictions and challenges in the ad tech and CTV spaces.

With an excellent track record of timely payments, Sonobi was recognized as an OAREX Top Payor for H2 2023. Learn more about Sonobi, what they are experiencing in the ad tech industry, and predictions for 2024.

To highlight reputable companies in the ad tech world, OAREX recognizes the top demand partners who demonstrate a great pay performance in its half-year Top Payor reports. These payors are considered valuable partners, fueling the ad tech ecosystem through their commitment to supply partners. One company that continues to emerge as a Top Payor and was most recently recognized in the H2 2023 Top Payor Report is Sonobi. In this Q&A, Sonobi VP of Partnerships Molly McArdle shares predictions for 2024 and the challenges on the horizon.

Q: What are some of your predictions for the ad tech space in 2024? What do you anticipate for ad spend or liquidity markets this year?

A: We anticipate a significant increase in ad spend, particularly fueled by major events like the Olympics and the election year. Overall, we’re seeing healthy and stable budgets from our independent agency partners. We are poised to navigate these developments, ensuring our strategies align with these market dynamics.

The effectiveness and efficiency of programmatic buying further enhance these advancements, setting the stage for continued growth in our market.

Q: What are some of the current industry or overall challenges your company is facing right now?

A: We are navigating several common challenges in the ad tech industry. Key among these is the discussion surrounding potential cookie deprecation and each party’s role in establishing a consumer’s online identity.

There’s also a broader industry call for greater accountability in ad spending. Additionally, as the industry sees more consolidation, adapting and integrating our technology remains a priority to ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Q: How are you addressing/overcoming these challenges?

A: Sonobi is proactively addressing the challenges within the ad tech industry through several strategic initiatives. We continue to lead the way in responding to the changing dynamics of online consumer identity and how best to navigate a potential cookieless future. Our background in building and maintaining robust identity graph technology has served us well, and we only see this as a strategic advantage moving forward. Our graph technology provides partners with a more robust and accurate targeting capability. We are enhancing our core tech with a full-funnel approach to ensure that our strategies cover every stage of the consumer journey, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

Sonobi continues identifying partnerships with industry leaders such as Jounce and top IVT specialists. These collaborations enhance our analytical capabilities and secure our advertising solutions, ensuring transparency and effectiveness.

Q: Tell us about your company. What do you do, and for whom do you do it?

A: Sonobi is an ad tech platform with a supply-side focus that has led the way in audience-first innovations. Our JetStream technology transitions advertising from impression-based to more precise, individual-based models. This change fosters impactful efficiencies between premium media properties, agencies, Fortune 500 advertisers, and consumers.

By promoting direct collaboration on our JetStream platform, we ensure the development and effective delivery of tailored, addressable communication strategies across the ecosystem, with CTV at the core.

Q: You were recognized as an OAREX Top Payor. How important are timely payments to your supply partners, and what steps do you take to meet those payment expectations in a volatile landscape like today’s?

A: Being recognized as an OAREX Top Payor underscores our commitment to being a partner that provides value to our clients. A publisher will always have questions about our ability to manage payments efficiently, and we’re proud to be able to point to an industry leader such as OAREX to help provide objective validation of how we do business. Our partners soon realize that we operate with a high degree of efficiency, which supports predictable and consistent revenue forecasting. To ensure financial stability, we employ a multi-step process when onboarding demand partners, including thorough credit checks. Additionally, we actively monitor our buyers and proactively manage credit risks. This approach ensures that we effectively minimize potential threats to our supply partners, particularly when a demand partner’s risk profile escalates.

Q: Before you go, is there anything else you want to share with us?

A: Thank you for the recognition and opportunity!

Thank you for participating in this interview! We look forward to celebrating Sonobi’s Top Payor status and their commitment to paying partners on time.

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