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Songtradr Is Building The Ultimate One-Stop-Shop For Music Licensing, Branding Solutions

With eight acquisitions over five years, Songtradr is integrating the pieces needed to eliminate the music barriers facing brands and digital platforms alike

Music is a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing it’s never been is something that is easy to license for commercial use.

Songtradr is aiming to change that. The company has quietly built an ever-expanding platform and portfolio of solutions designed to overcome nearly any music-related challenge a business might face. Over the last five years, it has acquired and integrated eight different companies, each filling a different part of an ever-growing puzzle, putting the combined entity at the center of any transaction between music supply and demand in any form, for any industry, worldwide.

That’s quite a feat, given the many areas of friction and fragmented solutions that brands or digital platforms (such as video games, apps and other online experiences) face accessing music. Don’t know what music to use? Hire a music supervisor or an agency. Want to license the songs you’ve selected? Hire a lawyer to negotiate with the label and other rights holders. Budget too small to get the label’s attention? Turn to a pre-cleared music library with a limited catalog and (often) sub-par options.

Offering branded music experiences is even more complicated. Licensing aside, there’s the need to build a pleasant user experience, wrestle with the messy world of music metadata, and so on. Digital platforms like social media services, gaming companies, and the emerging metaverse all face similar struggles. Gaming services often need to strike complicated cross-platform licensing deals for users to stream footage on YouTube. Music cleared for YouTube videos may not have the same coverage on TikTok or other social media platforms.

It’s a fragmented mess, but Songtradr has taken on the challenge so brands and digital platforms no longer need to navigate it on their own. The company has evolved from a simple online music licensing platform that matched brands seeking music for ads with indie artists who had music to license, to one that now can address all these challenges and more.

Over the last few years, Songtradr expanded its music licensing and creative capabilities with the purchase of Big Sync Music and CueSongs, and made it easier to match the right music to customers with the addition of AI metadata and music search company Musiccube.

It added original music development and creative agency capabilities with Song Zu and MassiveMusic, so brands could develop their own, unique sonic logos and other musical experiences. The addition of Pretzel expanded Songtradr into the livestream gaming space, expanding its rights management capabilities followed by expanding its data capabilities in music for TV, film, and videogames with Tunefind.

The latest, and arguably biggest, piece of that puzzle was the March 2023 acquisition of B2B music tech company 7digital. 7digital is a music delivery platform that handles the burdensome task of content management on the back end, as well as the full music user experience on the front.

With 7digital’s platform in the mix, Songtradr can provide any digital platform with a complete end-to-end solution as well as provide brands the ability to execute music experiences themselves.

The result is a one-stop-shop solution for all music needs, combining a music licensing platform with a user experience platform. This not only expands Songtradr’s value to brands, but also expands the company’s reach to digital platforms like Triller and Pinterest, gaming platforms, metaverse companies and more.

Taken together, this combination of capabilities allows Songtradr to remove friction and automate manual processes, making it easier, more efficient, and ultimately more affordable and valuable for brands and digital platforms to incorporate music.

With ease and efficiency comes scale, which benefits everyone and ultimately enhances the value of music across all platforms.

Songtradr is the world's largest full-stack B2B music platform helping brands, content creators, and digital platforms find their voice and connect with audiences through music. Whether with a classic song or a trending tune, a global music strategy or a sonic identity, we help translate ideas into powerful, ROI-driven solutions that always hit the right note.

Our fully integrated suite of products and solutions simplifies the process of finding, licensing and managing music across all formats. The result reduces cost and complexity, increases consistency and compliance, and elevates the full potential of music catalogs for both users and rights holders alike.