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Songtradr Highlights February’s Top TikTok Tracks and Trends (With Tips)

Aligning with music trends is a smart tactic for brands, but watch out for compliance confusion

TikTok offers brands a powerful way to connect with younger audiences and integrate into popular culture. But trends change fast on the platform, with new memes, music, and more changing almost weekly.

Keeping up with this fast-moving pace is a challenge for brands, particularly when it comes to clearing the music rights used. Original sounds, organic posts, influencer personal pages, and TikTok’s Trending Sounds are the leading causes of compliance confusion and using music without proper licensing.

For instance, paying TikTok influencers who use music in their sponsored posts will require a music license, regardless of how TikTok classifies that music for individual users.

Here are a few examples of top TikTok trends from February, and the music implications involved.

Trend: The Opposite
Track: “Stranger Than Fiction” by Chase Plato
TikTokers post text stating one thing, with a video of themselves doing the exact opposite. It’s usually accompanied by the song (which is approved by TikTok for business use).
Tip: Business approvals vary worldwide, so check the rights in your region.

Trend: History Repeats Itself
Track: “Ryn Weaver” by Pierre
These videos feature conversations between someone in the present day with someone in the past (usually the same TikToker in different costumes). Some use sped-up versions of popular songs, like this viral dance track from 2021.
Tip: Make sure you’ve got permission to use track derivatives from the appropriate rightsholder.

Trend: How I Love Being A Woman
Track: “Would That I” by Hozier
Video compilations of clips and photos of female empowerment using the Hozier track as a backdrop. It’s listed as an “original sound” but is a licensed track.
Tip: It’s listed as an “original sound” but it is a licensed track.

See the full list of music trends and top songs used in TikTok posts for February here.

If you have any questions about how to best navigate the TikTok music licensing landscape, Songtradr can help.

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