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Songtradr Allows Any Brand To Jump On Viral Music Trends

The success of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and “Everywhere” shows how brands of any size can leverage cultural touchpoints.

Brands and music supervisors alike know how to take advantage of viral moments around popular music.

Take for instance the super-viral TikTok video of a man skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while casually sipping on Ocean Spray cranberry juice back in 2020. The hit video paid dividends for not only Fleetwood Mac (which reported its best streaming week ever immediately after), but also Ocean Spray (hello free advertising) and the skateboarder himself (who got a free truck and a guest spot on the FX series “Reservation Dogs”).

While that was two years ago, Fleetwood Mac’s catalog interest hasn’t slowed down. According to data from B2B Music Intelligence company and licensing platform Songtradr, the band’s music has appeared 16 different times on TV alone since the beginning of 2022.

This includes placements in the critically acclaimed episode three of HBO’s The Last Of Us (track: “I’m Coming Home To Stay”) and in season 11, episode 24 of The Walking Dead (track: “Landslide”).

Zombie shows aside, brands are licensing Fleetwood Mac songs for their ads as well. Both Chevy and Kohl’s have used the hit “Everywhere” in several spots — Chevy in support of various EV models starting in fall of 2022, and Kohl’s for, well… everything, starting in March.

Continued play both during ads and shows since the fall has fueled Spotify popularity as well. Songtradr data shows the band is in the 82nd percentile, with a jump in popularity aligning with that increased usage.

But clearly not every brand has the resources to license Fleetwood Mac songs. That’s why Songtradr offers brands the ability to search our catalog of pre-cleared, copyright-safe tracks for music that matches the mood, energy, and overall sound of popular trending music as an alternative.

For instance, here are five songs that match the sonic characteristics of “Everywhere” that companies subscribing to the Songtradr Platform TK can use for their ads today:

Playa Do Sol
Tell Me
Let’s Work It Out
Down In Finland

To search for other songs, or get more information on how to license, visit

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