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Smart TV Campaign Drives 20%+ Incremental Reach for Video Game Release

Overall, over 93% of the devices reached with the campaign were incremental to the linear campaign.

A newly released case study from VIZIO underscores the benefits to advertisers of conducting campaigns on platforms where the TV hardware, software, and audience data are integrated within the same platform.

The study examines how a leading videogame company generated a total incremental reach of over 20% with an omnichannel VIZIO Ads campaign directed at video game console owners. Overall, over 93% of the devices reached with the campaign were incremental to the linear campaign.

As the landscape of advertising continues to evolve, traditional linear channels are no longer sufficient to reach today’s diverse and dynamic audiences. Recognizing this, the video game manufacturer embarked on a mission to promote the launch of an exclusive game for its platform.

Key elements of the campaign included prominent placements on the VIZIO Home Screen, video spots distributed through CTV ad inventory, and the ability to retarget select households on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This comprehensive approach harnessed the full potential of VIZIO’s ecosystem of hardware, software, and data across the smart TV experience.

The video game company was able to pinpoint its efforts on audiences that already owned game consoles, as well as those with a demonstrated interest in the game’s action and fantasy theme. What set this campaign apart was the subsequent retargeting of these audiences on off-platform devices, creating a truly omnichannel marketing strategy.

Among the campaign’s results:

  • a 21.9% incremental reach among game console owners
  • an overall audience incremental reach of 13.5%
  • 93% of the devices reached through this campaign were incremental compared to the linear-only campaign.
  • “Owning the hardware, software, and measurement capabilities under one roof is the engine that powers VIZIO Ads’ unique advantage,” said VIZIO Group VP of Advertising and Data Sales Adam Bergman. “But the VIZIO Home Screen is the anchor that ties the three together. With it, we were able to deliver impressive lift in incremental reach. Results like this give our brand partners the ability to amplify their message across our entire product suite above and beyond the traditional linear environment.”

    By capitalizing on various VIZIO formats and leveraging VIZIO’s data to precisely target the most relevant households, the video game company significantly expanded its reach leading up to and during the game’s launch.

    For additional details, tactics and results, download the full case study from VIZIO here.

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