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Sales of Dress It Up Dressing Surge after Today Show Appearance

Dress It Up Dressing saw its largest single-day online sales nationwide

Dress it Up Dressing, a line of six olive oil-based salad dressings made with simple ingredients and impeccable attention to detail, announced today that it set a single-day sales record yesterday in the wake of appearing on NBC’s Today Show. During the 24 hours after the conclusion of the program, Dress it Up Dressing realized a 100-fold spike in traffic on its website and a 623% lift on both the site and Amazon.

“I’m honored to be profiled alongside women who started making products to solve an issue they faced as a consumer, including the amazing Denise Woodard of Partake Foods, who I saw receive the Kara Roell award at the Women in Commerce event at Expo West a few weeks ago,” said Sophia Maroon, the Founder and CEO of Dress it Up Dressing.  “That’s the impact shining a light on smaller brands can have, so thank you to the Today Show and NBC News!” said Maroon.

Dress it Up Dressing is available at retailers nationwide and online, gracing the plates of thousands of loyal customers nationwide. The products have garnered prestigious honors in the food industry, including accolades from the Good Food Foundation and Specialty Food Association, all while the business maintains an unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Dress It Up Dressing offers olive-oil-based dressings with gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, paleo, keto, and Whole-30-friendly varieties.

About Dress it Up Dressing

Dress It Up Dressing was founded by Sophia Maroon in 2012. Sophia’s brother had long held that a business was waiting to be built in the salad dressing their mother made every night when they were children (and that Sophia continued to make for her children).

Always up for a challenge, Sophia began sharing her dressing with friends — who then shared it with their friends. She was soon running a cottage industry, delivering jars of salad dressing to neighbors in recycled clementine boxes she picked up at Whole Foods each week. When a Whole Foods employee tried the dressing, they offered to put the dressing in one store. Today, Dress It Up can be found at Whole Foods nationwide.

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