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Peer39 Launches Show-level Transparency Reporting for CTV, Ushering in New Era

Offering Rounds off a Full Suite of CTV Targeting, Suitability and Transparency Tools Normalizing Activation and Measurement Data Insights for Buyers

Advertisers have been eager to capitalize on CTVs astounding audience growth. Yet their CTV buys have lacked the transparency and uniform data consistency into the actual programming ads appear within, leaving advertisers without important insights needed for understanding campaign success to optimize where and how to invest further.

Peer39, the leading global provider of pre-bid keyword, contextual, and brand safety solutions for modern marketers, is solving that issue with the launch of its Transparency Report for CTV. Advertisers using the Peer39 technology now have access to critical new levels of reporting granularity for their programmatic CTV buys such as channel, show-level and demographics. The offering rounds out a full CTV suite of solutions where marketing can use a consistent and normalized data across activation and reporting needs.

“CTV is such an exciting opportunity for reaching engaged audiences, but the lack of transparency makes it difficult to connect outcomes to our buying strategy,” said Lauren Golden, Director of Digital Marketing at MJA Advertising (Beverly Hills). “The lack of clarity around channel and show level reporting means we’re somewhat blind to the kind of content that aligns well with our brand message and audience. With Peer39’s new Transparency Reporting service, we are able to identify granular insights and make optimizations to drive stronger performance for our CTV campaigns.”

Peer39’s new reporting capability creates innovative opportunities for campaign analysis, and optimization with previously unavailable visibility. The CTV reporting pulls from Peer39’s vast CTV taxonomy of over 1000+ Contextual, Suitability and Quality categories. Advertisers can now report and activate against the same consistent insights. Each CTV report will include the following insights for each campaign:

● Channel
● Show-Level
● Content Categories
● Production Type (User Gen, Professional)
● OTT Service
● Ad Starts
● Ad Completes
● Ad Completion Rate
● Number of ads per show / channel

“Brands and agencies are clamoring for more intelligence on their CTV investment, but have largely struggled with transparency, show-level granularity and normalized data on what inventory they’re buying,” said Mario Diez, CEO of Peer39. “This new reporting service has been largely driven by our customers who have asked to bring some clarity and uniformity to their CTV buying which can then be used to further inform and optimize their CTV buys.

This Peer39 technology is available today on all CTV buys irrespective of which platform an advertiser uses. For more information and a sample report, please visit:

About Peer39
Peer39 is an independent data company that provides the largest data set available in the digital advertising ecosystem. Every day, the industry's leading brands, agencies, and publishers trust Peer39's AI-powered semantic analysis engine to provide a holistic understanding of page content, meaning, and sentiment. We do this by analyzing the relationship between words on a page, the content of a video, or in an app, ensuring appropriate classification. As people's time and attention become more fragmented, Peer39 believes that to succeed, you need as much contextual understanding of your audience as possible. We believe that it's as much about the digital environment as it is about the physical environment. Only then can you deliver the right ad to the right user in the right context.



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