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Peer39 Launches AI-Generated Content Detection Tools for Programmatic Buyers

Advertisers can now detect and avoid chatbot-generated content farms that result in unsuitable environments and wasted spend

While artificial intelligence has grown in popularity, the tools and chatbots that consumers and businesses use to generate everything from term papers to business emails are also being put to nefarious use, generating massive amounts of low-quality content solely for the purpose of attracting programmatic ad spend.

To give advertisers control over this issue, Peer39, the leading global provider of contextual suitability and quality solutions for modern marketers, has launched a new AI Generated Content Category, giving programmatic advertisers the power to exclude these clickbait sites from their campaigns.

“AI is an amazing tool that benefits marketers, but we’re now seeing use cases that create a slew of problems,” said Mario Diez, CEO of Peer39. “The rise of AI-powered automated publishing with limited editorial oversight is creating a trap for advertisers. These pages often exploit metrics like viewability and clicks in order to capture programmatic demand, while providing very little value to the advertisers. Our new capability helps buyers address these broadening Made-For-Advertising challenges and ensure their ad dollars are spent in the best possible environments.”

Peer39 research into AI-generated bot farms finds that viewability scores are incredibly high for these sites, often in the range of 80-90%. As a result, programmatic buying platforms will often optimize towards this content. However, Peer39’s recently released Attention Index rated these pages as 40-60% below Peer39 average benchmarks, proving that evaluating impressions with multiple metrics is required for modern digital marketers.

Research also found that the most popular content topics for AI Generated Bot Farms are relationships, celebrities, food and beverage, healthy eating and style and fashion. Peer39 is the only data company with the scale to detect these issues across the entire web, and is the first company to actively deploy this technology in the market.

The AI Generated Content Category is the latest in a string of made-for-advertising protective tools from Peer39 that are improving advertiser’s transparency in modern programmatic advertising.

About Peer39
Peer39 is an independent data company that provides the largest data set available in the digital advertising ecosystem. Every day, the industry’s leading brands, agencies, and publishers trust Peer39’s AI-powered semantic analysis engine to provide a holistic understanding of page content, meaning, and sentiment. We do this by analyzing the relationship between words on a page, the content of a video, or in an app, ensuring appropriate classification. As people’s time and attention become more fragmented, Peer39 believes that to succeed, you need as much contextual understanding of your audience as possible. We believe that it’s as much about the digital environment as it is about the physical environment. Only then can you deliver the right ad to the right user in the right context.

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