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Media Publishers Poised for Social Video Growth in 2024, According To New Report

New report from Tubular Labs outlines how publishers have grown organically in the channel by tapping into social video content strategies and trending topics.

Tubular Labs, the leader in global social video intelligence, released new research, 2024 State of Video: Social Media Playbook, which highlights how media brands are navigating video trends, audience preferences, and creator partnerships to lead in the Social Media Era.

Social video is inherently engaging, educational and entertaining. This powerful medium makes storytelling simple, easily conveying complex narratives and evoking emotions to create lasting impressions for global audiences. Tubular Labs data shows that media & entertainment brands are recognizing the power of social video, and allocating more budget and resources to the platforms.

For media publishers, this move is paying off. New research from Tubular for January to December of 2023 shows that YouTube uploads for these channels only increased by 5%, namely because their content strategies and presence on the platform has been consistent and thorough.

Views for this content, however, have organically grown more than 118% in that same time period from 59B in January to 124B in December. Media publishers are reaping the benefits of their long-term dedication to social video and are poised for continued growth this year.

Tubular Labs makes social video simple by helping media creators and marketers track performance, keep tabs on competitors, and monitor audience behaviors. Tubular provides the birds-eye-view and the granular goods. Additional chapters in the report help media publishers uncover:

  • How transforming social audiences presents fresh opportunities for content creators.
  • New content strategies that tell stronger stories.
  • Ways influencers continue to make their mark in mainstream media.
  • To learn how to apply these findings to your social video content strategy, get your playbook here.

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