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Media Giants Off to Strong Start on Social Video for 2024

Tubular Labs data for January indicates social video viewership growth for Paramount, Disney and Comcast

Tubular Labs, the leader in global social video intelligence, released their viewership trends for January from its Audience Ratings product – which provides insight into deduplicated, unique viewership, and minutes watched for trending video categories, creators and more.

Viewership data for the first month of the year indicates Hollywood was back in action to start off 2024. Tubular Labs found month-over-month watch time and unique audience increases for Paramount, Walt Disney Co., and Comcast across Facebook and YouTube. Audience Ratings data showed that the three parent companies were the biggest properties on the two social platforms by U.S. unique viewers in January – while taking three of the top four spots by minutes watched.

One of the major drivers for all three properties was a slew of trailers released for new projects. As TV and movie studios got rolling again following last year’s work stoppages, these media giants were eager to get new content in front of viewers to kick off the year. Trailers for Halo (Paramount), Despicable Me 4 (Comcast) and Monkey Man (Comcast) earned tens of millions of views during the month, with awards show content and sports rounding out viewership.

More key takeaways from Tubular’s latest research include:

Amazon Prime Video Goes All-In On Cartoon Promos

As both a brand and content producer, Amazon Prime Video’s social video audience grew in January. With several new premieres during the month, the animated Hazbin Hotel earned the most buzz from Amazon’s own social video channels. The show, debuting nearly five years after its pilot first appeared on YouTube, accounted for eight of Amazon Prime Video’s top 15 videos for the month. And nearly all of those were songs from the program.

Other insights from Tubular’s Audience Ratings data include:

  • The new show helped fuel a 41% increase in Amazon Prime Video’s U.S. unique viewers across YouTube and Facebook.
  • Hazbin Hotel also drove a 74% boost in minutes watched.
  • Amazon Prime Video had some of the largest reach of all brands on those two platforms – only trailing Intuit TurboTax and DoorDash, while beating out Temu.
  • Lina Star Takes Off On YouTube

    YouTube’s latest standout creator? Lina Star. The creator’s viewership on YouTube has grown steadily over the past six months. ASMRLinaStar increased unique U.S. viewers by 36% month-over-month in January, and has seen unique viewers climb by over 430% – up to No. 4 among all U.S. creators on YouTube (all according to Tubular Labs).

    Tubular Labs data shows that the ASMR video category has earned over 204 billion views on YouTube in the last year. Since the start of 2023, ASMR videos have also grown from 18 billion views per month to 26 billion in Jan. 2024 – something ASMRLinaStar is taking advantage of.

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