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Mattel’s Winning Social Video Strategies Yield New Audiences Around Barbie Movie Release

In a recent webinar with Tubular Labs, Mattel detailed how the Barbie brand expanded its reach on YouTube with the help of the blockbuster hit

Coming off the success of the year’s biggest box office success, Tubular Labs joined forces with Mattel for its recent webinar, The World of Barbie: Unboxing Mattel’s Digital Success, on Sept. 20.

Speaking with Mark Phillips, Mattel’s Lead YouTube Strategist, Tubular lead a discussion on how Mattel transformed the Barbie brand into the digital empire it is today, the role of user-generated content around Barbie, and how data insights lead to elevating Barbie as the unrivaled No. 1 doll brand on YouTube.

In its conversation with Tubular, Phillips detailed:

Competitive Insights Lead Mattel’s Content Strategy

During the webinar, Phillips discussed how competitive insights have been the driving force behind Mattel’s content strategy. “We use Tubular to see what’s working, and what’s not. We look at what other brands in the space are doing,” said Phillips. This approach allows Mattel to identify unique content formats and themes with high search volume, enabling them to pivot and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Social Media Boosts Barbie Sales

Phillips emphasized the significance of views and watch time on YouTube as key performance indicators (KPIs) closely tied to sales. “Kids are watching YouTube on TVs more than ever,” explained Phillips, highlighting the shift towards longer watch times, driven by 30 or 60-minute specials. This engagement fosters brand loyalty, with children seeking to engage with Barbie’s characters and products inspired by the content.

Barbie Movie Sparks New Trends Across Generations

The release of the Barbie movie triggered not only excitement among its core audience of kids aged 3-8 but also captivated older girls, teenagers, and adults. “It’s almost like we went from 3-8 years to 3-80 years,” Phillips said.. Videos about the Barbie movie amassed over 1.2 billion views on TikTok during the premiere weekend alone. The movie’s impact extended beyond entertainment, leading to discussions about its deeper themes, such as human existence and motherhood.

Insights Empower Mattel’s Benchmark Partnership Success

Mattel’s success extends to its strategic partnerships, notably with @AforAdley, who has been featured in Barbie’s YouTube music videos. These collaborations have not only entertained but also cross-pollinated Barbie’s audience with Adley’s, amassing over 20 million views in their music videos. Tubular’s in-depth data has been instrumental in identifying the best creator partnerships and measuring the audience overlap.

In a year filled with challenges and opportunities, Mattel’s digital and social teams have leveraged insights to navigate a massive surge in audience engagement, particularly fueled by the Barbie movie’s resurgence. This iconic brand continues to evolve and embrace new audiences while staying true to its core values.

The Tubular team takes pride in supporting Mattel during one of its most transformative years, enabling the brand to maintain their position as a leader in the toy industry.

For those who missed the live Barbie webinar, a recording is available for viewing here: The World of Barbie: Unboxing Mattel’s Digital Success.

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