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Making Science Releases Trust Generative AI, an AI-Based E-commerce Solution for Content

Adding to its suite of products, Making Science releases Trust GenAI, unleashing the power of AI to improve content relevancy and CX

Making Science, an international technology and digital marketing consultancy specializing in digital acceleration, has announced its newest product offering, Trust Generative AI, an advanced machine learning platform integrating Generative AI capabilities from Google and OpenAI. The cutting-edge solution leverages proprietary data to securely store, validate, and optimize outputs from generative platforms and create relevant content. It enables brands to experiment with and select the best Large Language Model (LLM) for their business use case to provide secure AI-generated content validation and optimization. 

As an artificial intelligence platform, Trust Generative AI solves two main problems:

  1. OpenAI: the difficulty of accessing non-public company data;
  2. Up-to-Date Sources: The absence of updated information in generative models

Unlike other GenAI platforms, Trust Generative AI is powered by Google Cloud Platform and leverages a brand’s proprietary first-party data to create relevant content adapted to the company’s brand guidelines, giving more control to brands.

To provide a better idea of how it works, in merely minutes, Trust Generative AI generated 100,000 product descriptions for the website. The cost was more than 10,000 times lower than traditional means of content generation, and the descriptions (produced using prompts optimized by Trust Generative AI) were more than 95% aligned with other descriptions generated by the editorial department.

While companies find it challenging to scale and keep pace with the market with cost efficiency, Trust Generative AI opens an endless range of possibilities for content generation for ads, blog posts, email campaigns, and call center answer generation, resulting in a more efficient, diverse, and personalized content landscape.

In an environment of rapid technological change and uncertainty about the use of technology, it is crucial to develop tools that help build trust in the use of technology. Trust Generative AI aims to fill this role, and Making Science will continue innovating its technology to deliver the best and most effective e-commerce solutions.

About Making Science

Making Science is an international digital acceleration company with more than 1,000 employees and a presence in 13 markets: Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Georgia, Germany and the US. Making Science focuses on digital advertising, data analytics, e-commerce, and cloud services. As a consulting partner with Local Planet, the world's largest network of independent media agencies, Making Science provides digital, technology, and performance marketing for an international audience. Additionally, the company launched Making Science-Sweeft, a global staff augmentation solutions division, which provides enterprises with access to highly skilled tech talent.

In the FT1000: Europe's Fastest-Growing Companies 2022, Making Science was ranked 15th in the "Technology" category and was recognized as the fastest-growing Spanish company in the technology sector. Committed to supporting ESG initiatives, Making Science is a member of the Climate Pledge, the UN Global Compact and the Pledge1% initiative, which supports community-based non-profit organizations committed to making a major impact on the future.