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Making Science and Dynamic Yield Sign Global eCommerce Personalization Partnership

The global partnership combines years of consultative experience in personalization with advanced capabilities to drive meaningful business impact for brands.

Making Science, an international technology and digital marketing consultancy specializing in digital transformation, announced a global partnership with Dynamic Yield, the Experience Optimization platform, to offer best-in-class personalization to eCommerce brands on their journey to increase conversions, purchases, and revenue in a crowded marketplace.

The partnership, which extends across Europe, as well as North & South America, brings a four-time Gartner recognized Leader in Personalization Engines to the Making Science offering. Dynamic Yield uses rich audience behavior data to deliver highly tailored digital experiences throughout the customer journey. Among its many innovative capabilities, the platform uses a self-training deep learning model as well as an affinity-based algorithm to recommend products that are most likely to be engaged with and thus, result in a transaction.

“Brands know companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify are setting new expectations when it comes to digital interactions,” commented Yaniv Navot, the CMO at Dynamic Yield. “The experts at Making Science can take a robust platform like ours and help clients better meet customer experience demands by improving user journeys through analytics, on-site testing, and automated personalization, which quickly unlock significant value for their businesses.”

Benefits of the Making Science and Dynamic Yield partnership include:

  • Access to a complete suite of audience management, A/B testing and optimization, programmatic targeting, recommendations, real-time messaging, and other advanced capabilities
  • The implementation of proven methodologies and frameworks to improve digital experiences and increase conversion rates
  • Regular deep-dive analyses into performance and audience-level data for identification and execution of key personalization opportunities 
  • Best practices in KPI and overall program measurement for accurate and actionable reporting that will foster continued commitment 

“This partnership with Dynamic Yield expands our current functionality and enables our team to provide customized and efficient solutions to increase conversion rates,” commented Making Science CEO Jose Antonio Martínez Aguilar. “When we look at ‘increasing conversion rates,’ we don’t just mean a temporary increase. Dynamic Yield allows us to build sustainable experiences based on the science of experimentation. We are excited to continue our global partnership and offer best-in-class user experiences for eCommerce companies across all industries.”

This news was first reported by MediaPost.

About Making Science

Making Science is a technology and digital marketing consultancy specializing in e-commerce and digital transformation. Its business model responds to the growing need for companies to digitize their entire value chain, particularly in the marketing area. The markets in which Making Science operates are digital advertising, data analytics, e-commerce, cloud analytics, e-commerce, and cloud, all of which have high growth rates. The Making Science Group currently employs more than 750 people and has a presence and technological development in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States.

About Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield helps enterprise brands quickly deliver and test personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer interactions. Marketing, Product, Development, and eCommerce teams from more than 400 global brands are using Dynamic Yield’s Experience Optimization platform as the technology layer that works alongside existing CMS, Commerce, or ESP solutions to iterate faster and algorithmically match content, products, and offers to each individual for the acceleration of long-term business value.

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