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Madhive By The Numbers: Political CTV Ad Impressions Tripled in October vs September

Political advertisers turning up the volume on CTV has also driven 40% increase in CPMs.

New York, NY (November 2022) — Political candidates are on track to spend $8.6B in advertising for this year’s midterm elections, with $1.5B of that going to Connected TV. And as Election Day approaches on November 8th, political advertisers are starting to ramp up spending.

To help the industry understand CTV political advertising activity, Madhive’s latest report uncovers trends including impression volume, CPMs, top races, states, publishers, and more. Madhive is the leading technology company engineered for modern TV advertising, powering streaming and reach extension efforts for broadcasters and local affiliates including FOX, Scripps, and TEGNA’s Premion.

The following insights are based on an analysis of bid stream data from hundreds of millions of political impressions across the US, cross-referenced with Madhive’s proprietary device graph of 100+ million households across every metro area in America. Here are the big trends Madhive is seeing:

Political advertisers turned up the volume in October. More than 50% of all political CTV ad impressions for the year were delivered in October, as candidates capitalized on the flexibility of streaming. Compared to September, political impressions on CTV almost tripled in October.

Political impressions are driving increased CPMs. From the early stages of the political ad season in April, average monthly CPMs on CTV have grown more than 40% through October.

Publishers are being rewarded for their audiences. At a topline level, premium publishers like MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBS News and USA Today saw anywhere from a 3x to 10x increase in political impressions in October vs September. Additionally, this also trickled down to longtail publishers who saw increased demand from political advertisers.

Year to Date
Top Races (by impressions):

  • Governor – 36%
  • State Legislature – 18%
  • US House of Representatives (US Congress) – 15%
  • US Senate – 9%
  • Judge – 7%
  • Mayor – 5%
  • Attorney General – 4%
  • Lt Gov – 3%
  • Assembly – 3%
  • State Treasurer – 1%
  • Secretary of State – 1%

Top States (by impressions):

  • California – 11.9%
  • Arizona – 8.5%
  • Wisconsin – 8.3%
  • North Carolina – 7.81%
  • Michigan – 6.64%

“CTV has become an essential part of political ad campaigns for this year’s midterm elections, as it provides candidates a premium environment to strategically target potential voters and link exposures to actual outcomes,” said Joe Marino, Managing Partner & Head of Client Success at Madhive. “And right now, we’re also seeing candidates leverage the flexibility of CTV to turn up the volume and blitz the market in real-time as we get down to the wire.”

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