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Latcom unveils combined ‘geofencing and MMOH

For brands to accompany their audiences at this mega event which is expected to exceed 900 million viewers worldwide.

Latcom, a global media strategy, planning and trading company specializing in OOH, DOOH and Programmatic, presents its commercial proposal for the Rugby World Cup 2023 with an innovative Geofencing and Mobile Out of Home strategy, especially enhanced for the Rugby World Cup 2023 to be held in 9 host cities in France from September 8th. By using a strategy that combines the geolocation service technology of mobile devices with OOH that allows brands to get closer to their audiences, in the framework of this mega event that is expected to exceed 857 million viewers, a record number that was reached at the World Rugby Cup in Japan 2019.

This media synergy strengthens the reach and frequency of advertising campaigns, and allows audiences to be reached through different channels, while also enabling the tracking of both response and ROI.

OOH brings strength in terms of scope and contact. It offers wide coverage with high frequency, being present at multiple touch points during the consumer journey, the daily routine of the consumer. Mobile allows you to target people individually, give them the opportunity to react immediately and produce a second impact through a retargeting action. For example, a person who is impacted by a billboard on their way to work may then receive an advertising message via social media or digital media. Targeting offers the opportunity to deliver messages when they are of particular relevance to the target audience, either by location or time (Engagement).

Latcom has the necessary tools and structure to generate impact through the best OOH locations distributed in the host cities of France, its main entrances and exits to the city, main avenues and recreation centers, as well as a media strategy for all those countries in Europe playing the World Cup; the same with Argentina and Chile, covering all areas of interest.
“It’s an exciting challenge to be able to communicate around the biggest rugby event of the year. With our combined Geofencing and Mobile Out of Home strategy we will be offering brands the chance to join a sporting event that attracts crowds to locally accompany their audiences, who are following the 48 matches of the 20 teams that will play the championship, and the more than 350,000 people who will travel to watch it. We offer our clients an excellent opportunity to get to audiences who share a passion for rugby by geolocating the target of up to 65 in trade areas such as rugby clubs, schools, etc. and then making a second impact with the brand message through a digital channel. Above all, the possibility of reaching a number of viewers that is projected to exceed 900 million, a more than interesting audience for brands to connect with their audiences, where digital media will be the protagonist with web streaming and video platforms,” says Fernando Vizcaino, General Manager of Latcom.

Latcom is a Company specialized in OOH media, created to meet the demand for out-of-home advertising in outdoor, indoor, digital, transport means, mobile and cinema. It provides local and regional services to Latin America, in the three business stages: Planning, execution and control. It employs over 200 people directly and has a wide network of strategic partners for the commercial and operational management in over 18 countries in North America and Europe, with current projection to the Asian market.