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iSpot TV Transparency Report Shows Daytime Ad Impressions Increase Year-Over-Year

Broadcast networks help push 1.3% daytime ad impressions increase during TV season, the real-time TV measurement company, today released its Daytime TV Transparency Report, highlighting key trends during daytime from this past TV season (Labor Day 2022 through Memorial Day 2023). Notably, the report shows that daytime household TV ad impressions on linear grew 1.3% year-over-year.

Using an ad-centric approach that measures every second of every ad on TV, iSpot is uniquely able to showcase shifting audience and advertising trends during a truly dynamic time in media. .Insights like these also help guide decision-making for the entire TV ecosystem. While networks can utilize this information to maximize the value of programming in specific dayparts, advertisers can use it to locate broad-reach programming for lower CPMs.

From Sept. 5, 2022–May 29, 2023, daytime programming accounted for 17.7% of linear TV advertising, which was up slightly from 17.3% the previous season. At least part of that increase was driven by ABC, CBS and NBC, as the broadcast giants grew year-over-year impressions by a combined 9.5% while embracing news, talk and game show programming, among other genres.

For Univision, daytime household TV ad impressions climbed over 13% year-over-year — thanks in part to telenovelas. These programs doubled year-over-year daytime impressions on Univision as it filled more programming minutes with the popular shows.

The report also reveals the importance of syndicated programs during daytime, as Friends remains not just a TV staple nearly two decades after the final episode of its original run, but a popular streaming franchise as well. Friends accounted for 1.63% of all household TV ad impressions during daytime this past TV season – making the classic sitcom the No. 7 daytime show overall. Among just syndicated daytime programming, it was by far the biggest vehicle for reach, delivering almost 21.4% of all TV ad impressions during syndicated shows in the daypart.

Some advertisers are already catching on to these increased reach opportunities during daytime, too, in what may be an equally important value proposition in terms of reaching target audiences. For instance, the weight loss category grew daytime TV ad impressions by 35% this past TV season, with brands like GOLO and WW more than doubling daytime impressions compared to the previous year. Instacart, meanwhile, put a lot of eggs in the rerun basket, as reruns delivered 93% of its daytime TV ad impressions.

As audience behaviors continue to change, networks and advertisers alike require transparent, real-time data around where viewers are migrating, along with insights that point the way to emerging opportunities for ad effectiveness and reach.

For more information on the state of daytime TV advertising, download the new report today. is the market leader in real-time cross-platform TV ad measurement and attribution. The company’s always-on platform measures the business impact and brand impact of TV advertising and offers fast, accurate and actionable information that empowers brands to justify and optimize TV and video investments.