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How Paid Ads Featuring Creators are Changing the Digital Advertising Landscape

A new report from CreatorIQ analyzes how brands are leveraging creator marketing in the influencer evolution

The effectiveness of good advertising depends as much on the content as it does the channel. And according to recent research by CreatorIQ, digital ads featuring known influencers are not only more effective, but also more efficient than ads that don’t.

The report finds that 76% of surveyed brands reported that sponsored digital ads featuring creators were the most impactful type of advertising. Creators bring authenticity, relatability, and a unique connection with their audiences. By utilizing creators in their advertising efforts, brands tap into a potent source of engagement and trust that is hard to replicate through other means.

What’s more, these creator-driven ads are also more cost effective. The study found that 55% of brands reported that the cost of creator-produced digital ads remained steady year-on-year, while a contrasting 40% stated that the cost of traditional advertising has actually increased.

Despite these benefits, creator-led advertising remains a less-used tactic, with 69% of brands using creator content in less than a quarter of their digital ads. User-generated content (UGC), meanwhile, on owned media is the most common type of influencer marketing.

This presents a compelling opportunity for a significant shift in the digital advertising landscape. As we approach the new year, companies are likely to redirect their budgets towards these more effective and efficient strategies, harnessing the power of creators in their marketing campaigns.

This may soon change, with 71% of agencies naming this influencer marketing activity as their top choice. Additionally, 37% found creator-led ads to be the most effective, further emphasizing their value in today’s marketing landscape.

The rise of paid ads featuring creators is poised to disrupt both creator marketing and digital advertising. Their effectiveness in engaging audiences and their cost-efficiency make them a compelling option for brands looking to make the most of their marketing budgets.

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