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How Home Brands Can Benefit From Influencer Marketing

Amazon Home generated over $102M EMV in a twelve-month span in the US

Many consumers turn to social media platforms for decor inspiration or to follow the latest interior trends. The home goods and improvement industry therefore has a natural advantage when it comes to benefiting from influencer marketing.

Content creators with a love of interior design give their followers guidance about how to arrange their living space and suggest products that will help them achieve their desired look. This can go beyond one product as followers may be inspired to use the brand for future, larger home improvement projects.

When home brands put influencer marketing at the center of their strategy by collaborating with these content creators, it can lead to impressive results.

CreatorIQ, experts in influencer marketing, know just how impressive these results can be. Among the many insights their software offers, they measure Earned Media Value (EMV) which quantifies the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media.

Insights like EMV and those available on the CreatorIQ platform can help brands learn how to work with creators and understand which influencer marketing strategies lead to growth, as well as identify fans who could expand a brand’s reach.

Cozy Earth, a luxury loungewear and bedding brand, garnered $16.0M EMV between March 2021 and February 2022. This incredible growth is thanks to its community of Instagram content creators who delivered around 17K posts last year about their premium homeware.

Similarly, Amazon Home generated over $102.1M EMV in the US, a 114% year-over-year growth. By harnessing creator commerce and offering influencers virtual storefronts which they can also benefit from, Amazon Home created lasting relationships with content creators and ensured they are regularly promoting products (via 32.2K posts).

Loloi Rugs is another home brand whose content creators have pushed their marketing to new heights. Creators generated 9.8K pieces of content about the brand last year, leading to $29.0M EMV (a 62% YoY growth). The brand has outperformed its competitors by nurturing relationships through ever-popular product collaborations, which ensure the creator is even more invested in a brand’s success.

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