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#HairTok Campaign Shows The Power of Creator-Led Social Campaigns

CreatorIQ’s January Tribe Top 10 Beauty and Fashion Rakings Highlights The Earned Media Value of Brands Worldwide

How much of a difference can a smart creator-led social campaign make for a brand? Just ask haircare company K18. It leveraged the popular #HairTok TikTok hashtag trend with its own #K18Results campaign to generate a staggering $32.8 million in Earned Media Value (EMV) for the month of January, according to Tribe Dynamics, a CreatorIQ Company.

That campaign alone was responsible for the company’s $32.8 million January EMV, a 488% year-over-year increase and 4x beyond the $8.7 million generated by second-place Olaplex in the haircare category.

That’s one of several highlights coming out of the latest Tribe Top Ten report, which measures the EMV of the leading beauty and fashion brands in the U.S. and Europe.

Also helping drive K18’s impressive results was the brand’s decision to send select creators a sample of their products, along with a pamphlet, and it also partnered with TikTok star creator Alix Earle.

Among the other U.S. EMV leaders were:

  • Cosmetics: Rare Beauty with $45.2 million, a 92% year-over-year increase.
  • Skincare: Drunk Elephant led in EMV with $8.1 million, an 86% year-over-year increase.
  • Luxury Fashion: Louis Vuitton with $39.4 million in EMV
  • Apparel: Fashion Nova with $124.9 million EMV

In Europe, the results were:

  • Beauty: Charlotte Tilbury with $27.2 million in EMV
  • Skincare: Elemis with $3.6 million in EMV

Additional country-specific results are also available for the UK and France .

EMV is CreatorIQ’s assessment of the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media. The com;any assigns a unique value to content based on the platform and the engagement it receives from followers. That value is then attributed to the specific brands mentioned in the post. The results is used to evaluate the earned performance of individual marketing campaigns and benchmarks brands within the competitive landscape.

Download January’s Tripe Top 10 Beauty and Fashion Rankings free here.

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