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Google and Making Science to Offer a View of the Evolved Tourist Amid the Return to Travel

Join experts from Google and Making Science as they explore the evolution of the travel industry and how marketers can prepare for the return to travel in a discussion hosted by ad-machina.

With leisure travel returning and tourists eagerly packing their suitcases alongside new post-pandemic priorities, the travel industry must adapt and navigate. To help companies prepare, Making Science, an international digital acceleration company, and Google are going to convene for a valuable discussion to help travel companies understand the evolved tourist and how to meet their needs throughout their digital journeys.

Featuring an expert panel, Google and Making Science executives will address the travel sector by sharing a view of the evolved tourist and how to personalize digital advertising campaigns that speak directly to the new set of priorities. By identifying the most effective tools and offering expert insights, the panel will help identify effective and improved positioning to succeed in such a highly competitive sector.

More specifically, the expert panel will discuss:

  • How pandemic pushed today’s tourists to evolve and what those changes mean for companies within the travel sector
  • Identifying a company’s level of preparedness to address the pandemic-related attitude and behavioral changes
  • Leveraging digital tools to personalize digital ad campaigns
  • Automatically adapting search ads to align with commercial marketing strategies 
  • Tailoring ad messages to promote offers, changed policies, and new programs 

The event is hosted by Ad-Machina, a Making Science company, and will be live on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at 8.30 am PT/11.30 am ET. To sign up, visit the registration page.

About Making Science

Making Science is an international digital acceleration company with more than 1,000 employees and a presence in 13 markets: Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Georgia, and the US. Making Science focuses on digital advertising, data analytics, e-commerce, and cloud, all of which are continually expanding.

Making Science was ranked 15th in the FT1000: Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2022, in the “Technology” category, and recognized as the fastest-growing Spanish company in the technology sector. Making Science also joined the Pledge1% initiative, supporting non-profit community organizations committed to making a major impact on the future.

In 2021, Making Science joined Local Planet, the world’s largest network of independent media agencies, as a consulting partner specializing in digital, technology, and performance marketing for the international group, acquiring a 7% stake in the global holding company.

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