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Flashtalking and Throtle Form Partnership

Within the new partnership, advertising clients will onboard and distribute data via Throtle’s nimble infrastructure to Flashtalking, to facilitate creative personalization and unbiased measurement.

Flashtalking, the leading global independent platform for omnichannel ad serving, data-driven creative, and unified insights, recently announced a strategic partnership with Throtle, a leader in identity resolution, data onboarding and distribution. The partnership reflects a rising trend, as global independent marketing technology companies   choose to partner with those who share values to provide operational ease, business model transparency and consumer notice and choice, all in the ultimate service of clients.

Within the new partnership, advertising clients will onboard and distribute data via Throtle’s nimble infrastructure to Flashtalking, to facilitate creative personalization and unbiased measurement. The partnership resides within Flashtalking’s well regarded Partnership Program, which includes a roster of strategic partnerships aligned with all aspects of its global business. 

“Our latest partner integration with Throtle, a company whose trajectory we really admire, ensures that Flashtalking customers have the benefit of Throtle’s competitive data onboarding and delivery capabilities — as well as our shared commitment to transparency and interoperability,” said John Nardone, Flashtalking CEO. “In addition, their flexibility as a whole really works for us. As we roll out our own Identity Orchestration Framework worldwide, we need to be able to remain nimble in our options — and provide that same freedom of choice to our clients. Throtle fully supports that client centric mindset, while some other identity providers are not as transparent or flexible,” Nardone said.

“As our own business serves advertisers across a growing range of verticals, partnerships with companies like Flashtalking are very much part of our open vision,” said Moira McKenna, Throtle CRO. “We believe passionately that advertisers should have clarity, ease and of course choice, on most things, but in this day and age, on identity solutions in particular.”

About Flashtalking

Flashtalking is the leading global independent primary ad server and analytics technology company. We use data to personalize advertising in real-time, independently analyze its effectiveness and enable optimization that drives better engagement and return on spend for sophisticated global brands.

Our platform leads the market with innovative products and services to ensure creative relevance and actionable insights across channels and formats, powered by unique cookieless tracking, data orchestration and advanced analytics. We support clients at the crossroads where data, personalized creative and unbiased measurement intersect with expertise, service and a deep partner ecosystem to drive successful digital marketing.

Born in the UK, Flashtalking is jointly headquartered in London and New York and established worldwide. Its presence spans the globe with offices in Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Cologne, Amsterdam, Leeds, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information visit

About Throtle
Throtle provides brands and marketers with the most accurate 1:1 view of a customer. Throtle is focused on resolving to a deterministic individual for accurate targeting across all devices and channels including IDs, MAIDs, IP addresses, connected TVs, cookieless identities, and more



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