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Extending Ads Beyond The Big Screen Pays Dividends

Cross-device ad exposure drove a 94% lift in engagement

Content consumption is on the rise across all formats. But let’s face it—nobody is in front of their TV screen 24/7. That’s why advertisers continue to purchase inventory across multiple devices and platforms.

But integrating those cross-platform efforts with a targeting strategy that follows viewers from the TV to their other devices is even more effective, as a recent VIZIO Ads campaign using our Household Connect capabilities illustrates.

VIZIO’s Household Connect allows brands to extend their messaging efforts beyond the TV screen to the personal devices that VIZIO owners use throughout their daily digital lives. This audience-based strategy allows brands to target ads to an entire VIZIO TV household, rather than a specific device owner.

Of course this targeting applies only to those users who have opted into this feature, which many do in order to receive ads that are more relevant to them. The more relevant the ads, the more those ads feel like a feature than an intrusion.

That second-screen ad delivery is uniquely informed by VIZIO’s Inscape TV data — meaning an advertiser can target a user on their digital device based on shows or channels someone watched on their television. VIZIO can even deliver second-screen ads based on prior ad exposure.

VIZIO Ads secures third-party ad inventory with partners on both ad-supported mobile apps and mobile web browsing applications to deliver off-platform ads. These supplemental ads have a powerful, synergistic impact on recall and intent when integrated in this way.

Here’s an example. Driving viewers to a scheduled world premiere event is perhaps one of the biggest advertising and engagement challenges there is. So when a cable TV channel needed to drum up viewers for a season premiere, it turned to VIZIO Ads and Household Connect to execute a multi-pronged campaign to cast the widest net possible across programming, properties, and devices.

VIZIO Ads promoted the premiere using four tactics:

– A complete takeover of the SmartCast platform homescreen
– Featured placement in the rotational slideshow on the SmartCast home screen
– Smart TV video ads placed in VIZIO Ads inventory
– Off-screen promotion to additional devices using Household Connect

We used our Inscape viewing behavior data to determine how viewers were engaging with the promotion across their devices, and which viewers ultimately tuned into the show. We also measured which VIZIO customers tuned into the show without engaging with any of the above promotions and compared the results.

Taken together, 64% more VIZIO TV owners tuned in to the season premiere after engaging in one of the four promotion efforts than those who tuned in organically. But it was the Household Connect effort that had the biggest effect.

The conversion rate for viewers who engaged with Household Connect promotions was 1.4%, compared to 0.7% of the organic “control” group. Overall, that’s a 94% lift in engagement over the control group never exposed to the promotion.

The Home screen rotational ads were a close second, with a 91% lift engagement over the unexposed group. Smart TV video ads came in third at 61%, and the homescreen takeover batted cleanup at 58%.

While we’re listing all engagement rates individually for comparison purposes, it’s important to note that these promotions worked together. Seeing the ads on the homescreen first helps reinforce the message when it’s delivered on an off-screen device like a mobile phone or laptop. These efforts don’t exist in silos.

Overall, 42% of SmartCast viewers were exposed to the promotion, and 96% of those were never exposed to the promotion through linear TV ads, according to our Inscape data.

That means VIZIO Ads provided the cable network with a new, unique audience otherwise unreachable and on linear programming, resulting in impressive incremental reach.

VIZIO Ads was created to help deliver a more relevant advertising experience to consumers and brands alike. Offering premium, addressable advertising inventory inside of WatchFree, SmartCast and within popular TV apps, VIZIO Ads gives advertisers the ability to reach new audiences with relevant messages at the right time. VIZIO Ads gives its customers personable service, app-level transparency and screen-level verification to ensure brands can invest with confidence across one of the largest smart TV footprints in the U.S. Learn more here: