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Dstillery Strengthens Foundation for Continued Innovation with Executive Promotions

Over the past few months, Dstillery promoted four executive leaders and over a dozen others who have been integral in progressing the company's mission forward.

Dstillery, the custom audience solutions company, promoted four leaders and a dozen other employees as it accelerates new growth and innovation. Taejin (TJ) In has been named Senior Vice President of Product. Mark Jung will fill the role of Vice President of Product, Data Marketplace and Channels. Amelia White, Ph.D., has been promoted to Vice President of Data Science Research. And Patti Boyle, Ed.D., will serve as Chief Marketing Officer.

In has been with the company since 2010. In his role as SVP, In oversees the product strategy and development of Dstillery’s industry-leading data and targeting products, including the evolution into cookieless targeting. He was named one of The Software Report’s Top 25 Software Product Executives of 2022. 

In 2012, Jung began working in advertising operations at Dstillery and soon moved to the product department. He led many key initiatives, such as Dstillery's transformation from a demand side platform into a data company, to efforts around cookie deprecation with ID-free Custom AI. He now directs the product strategy and roadmap for activation of targeting products across marketplaces and channels.

White joined Dstillery as a data scientist in 2015. To date, White has invented two of Dstillery’s 16 patents. She created Dstillery’s patented ID-free Custom AI and is the lead inventor on the patent describing this approach. She also developed Dstillery's Map of the Internet (MOTI), a foundational technology powering ID-free Custom AI and other Dstillery products. 

Boyle joined Dstillery in 2019. She built a marketing team from the ground up, created a new marketing strategy and managed a brand refresh. She is raising the brand profile, ramping up qualified leads built on account-based marketing and a focused paid media strategy and enhancing the company’s thought leadership through a purposeful PR, event and content marketing program. 

Dstillery has seen a 13 percent increase in employees since 2020. Other recent Dstillery promotions include employees in departments across the organization:

Data Science

  • Chris Jenness, Staff Data Scientist. He has been with Dstillery since 2018, most recently playing a vital role in the development of ID-free Custom AI. 
  • Navarre Pratt, Machine Learning Engineer III. He contributed to the design and development of every piece of the ID-free Custom AI solution and Dstillery’s machine learning platform.

Technology and Engineering

  • Joseph Pacura, Senior Software Engineer. An employee since 2018, he is valued by the organization for his dependability, knowledge, thoroughness and support for the entire engineering team. 
  • Dennis Sesma, Senior Software Engineer. An employee since 2019, he played an instrumental role in many important efforts such as syndication pipeline optimizations, the Google Cloud Hadoop migration and MediaMath ID-free syndication.
  • John Scanlan, Software Engineer III. He helped the engineering team migrate the codebase from BitBucket to Github promptly and efficiently.
  • Teydin Hall, Product Manager, With her significant agency and programmatic experience, Teydin’s deep understanding of customer and market needs makes her invaluable as we develop targeting products for a cookieless world.


  • Ali Demestihas, Account Director. She built strong relationships and trust with the clients she has worked with for years and now leads four of Dstillery’s top independent agencies.
  • Emily Olson, Senior Client Success Manager, Mid Market. Since 2021, she has been instrumental in the company’s midmarket business growth.
  • Sarah Baumer, Senior Client Success Manager, Enterprise. She helped further shape communication with clients, and her presence has contributed to developing many facets of customer service at Dstillery.
  • Mike Wilson, Senior Account Executive. He has been a leader in launching the ID-free Custom AI solution with many new, large clients. 
  • Jane Blumin, Sales Solutions Manager. She exemplifies Dstillery’s core values and drives valuable insights that have led to acquired brands and increased brand spending. 
  • Joshua Ortiz, Sales Platforms Manager. As he takes responsibility for additional Dstillery platforms, he will continue to help his team “go faster,” an important value of the company. 
  • Joan Dent, Senior Director, Client Success, Enterprise. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the industry is what makes her a key pillar and stand-out role model to our Client Success team.  


  • Enza Yoo, Digital Marketing Manager. She has influenced all aspects of marketing and is instrumental in growing the roster of industry media partnerships. 


  • Mikhail Babaisakov, Senior Accountant. He works tirelessly to maintain vendor and client relations, approve expense reports, process payroll, help with new hires and more. 

Dstillery anticipates future growth amid the transition into a cookieless future. ID-free Custom AI, its privacy-by-design predictive behavioral targeting solution, is a new category of targeting that performs on par with cookies while respecting the privacy of users who do not want to be tracked. It addresses the challenge of a cookieless future and can be implemented in successful campaigns right now. 

Using ID-free technology, Dstillery’s newest product, Custom Patient Targeting, is designed specifically for healthcare brands. It provides more precise ad targeting while still adhering to strict regulations regarding patient information. Custom Patient Targeting uses AI-powered predictive modeling to learn how, when and from where de-identified patients browse the web.

About Dstillery 

Dstillery, the custom audience solutions company, empowers brands and agencies to reach their best customers across the programmatic web. Backed by our award-winning data science, Dstillery has earned 16 patents (and counting) for the AI technology that powers our precise, scalable solutions. Our newest innovation, ID-free Custom AI, is a privacy-by-design behavioral targeting solution that performs on par with cookies — without user tracking. Our ID-based premier product, Custom AI Audiences, is a just-for-your-brand targeting solution that continuously scores hundreds of millions of users to deliver the best audiences for your brand. To learn more, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn.

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