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CreatorIQ Report Shows How The Move From Influencers To Creators Can Benefit Brands

The creator economy is the $100 billion ecosystem surrounding content creators

CreatorIQ, the industry’s most trusted creator marketing software powering efforts for AB InBev, Unilever, and Disney, today released a report that explores the influencer to creator evolution. The report is intended to help brands and agencies navigate the Creator Economy, which is the $100 billion ecosystem surrounding content creators, their followers, the platforms on which they share content, and the brands with whom they collaborate.

The distinction between content creators and the influencer of before is that influencers explicitly leverage brand partnerships, whereas creators are more focused on sharing their interests and lifestyle with their community. Like influencers, creators also post content to highlight a brand’s products or services. However, the term creator is more inclusive and encompasses those who make a living outside of brand sponsorships. The industry has shifted away from the polished, curated feed of the influencer towards the authenticity and individuality offered by the content creator (seen particularly on platforms like TikTok).

Social media platforms are responding by making it even easier for users to create and then monetize their content. They are offering incentives and funds to attract creators, knowing that this will improve their metrics by increasing engagement and the time spent on their platforms.

Brands are also recognizing the power of engaging with the 50 million people worldwide identifying as content creators. In an age when consumers are keen on what Bazile calls “more authentic forms of creation” or ads that don’t look like ads, the content creator is the perfect marketing accomplice.

Long gone are the days when brands could rely solely on advertisements and celebrity ambassadors for their marketing. Even the term ‘influencer’ is becoming outdated as the creator economy takes the social media world by storm. Cultivating relationships with creators who align with your brand and allowing them creative freedom is therefore an effective way of indirectly engaging with your audience.

Click here to read CreatorIQ’s full report and learn more about how the creator economy is changing the face of influencer marketing.

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