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CreatorIQ Launches AI-Powered Creator Intelligence To Provide Global Measurement Solutions

Brands and agencies are leveraging its Share of Influence reports to predict outcomes, compare performance, measure growth and provide actionable insight for creator-led investment decisions

CreatorIQ, the industry leader in creator intelligence and marketing solutions, today announced its Creator Intelligence Suite to provide brands, agencies, and the industry at large, with the most comprehensive global measurement solution in the market.

The Creator Intelligence Suite is built on a decade of historical data, with best-in-class AI models to track and identify mentions of more than 9-thousand brands. This includes advanced natural language processing, which can identify the difference between Apple the company, and an apple, or Prime Energy drink and Amazon Prime. The brand models are then overlaid with posts from 450-thousand of the most impactful global creators, vetted based on influence, engagement, and brand affinities, so we surface not all voices, but the most impactful voices.

This technological infrastructure informs CreatorIQ’s Share of Influence reports, which provide the most robust analysis of “what’s happening” in respective industry verticals via a variety of metrics including Earned Media Value (EMV), impressions, engagements, and more. Share of Influence scores are proven to predict future brand outcomes including revenue, market share, stock prices, and ticket sales, and are highly correlated to standard measures of brand lift, desirability, and Google searches. Additionally, Share of Influence scores can be used to compare brands within a vertical and surface actionable insight that guides creator marketing investment decisions.

The reports are already a currency for the Fashion & Beauty vertical, with hundreds of brands such as Rare Beauty, Fashion Nova, and LVMH now transacting billions of dollars against it every year. The capabilities are now available to all CreatorIQ clients across all verticals including Food & Beverage, Retail, Travel, Sports, Media and Entertainment, and more, as the creator economy is projected to skyrocket to $500 billion by 2027.

CreatorIQ has been a driving force in advancing standards for the industry, including aiding in the development of the ANA’s Influencer Marketing Measurement Guidelines, which was a collaborative effort with Adobe, Bayer, Cigna, Hilton, Mastercard, Nationwide, Procter & Gamble Co., Puma, Reckitt, SAP, Sephora, Target, Unilever and Wells Fargo.

“As the former CTO of Experian, I spent significant time looking into the definition of good measurement, and the cornerstone is it being predictive of outcomes, comparable, and actionable,” said Igor Vaks, Founder & CEO at CreatorIQ. ”Advancing this measurement will help social first DTC brands, agencies, and the world’s leading global brands better understand and take action upon the enormous impact that creators are having on their business performance.“

“The most predictive metric for growth in creator conversation is creator retention and we have found creator conversation to be an accurate forward-looking indicator of overall market share gains or losses,” said Conor Begley, Chief Strategy Officer at CreatorIQ. “As you can see across organizations like LVMH, Red Bull, and Netflix, creator conversation is now moving hundreds of billions of dollars of market capitalization and we’re excited to be at the center of that.”

About CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is the engine powering creator-led marketing for the world’s most innovative, iconic brands and agencies including AB InBev, Airbnb, Calvin Klein, CVS, Disney, H&M, Sephora, and Unilever. Our industry-leading data and robust technology help marketers discover, activate, optimize, and convert creator relationships at scale. By putting creators at the center of their marketing efforts, our clients unlock the full potential of creator relationships to expand brand reach, scale quality content production, grow customer engagement, and increase return on creator spend.

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