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CreatorIQ: Brands and Agencies Say Creator Marketing Drives Better ROI For Less

According to CreatorIQ’s recent report, 66% of brands and 82% of agencies say creator content drives more ROI than traditional digital advertising.

Brands and agencies are investing more in creator marketing for one very good reason — it delivers better ROI than traditional digital advertising.

According to CreatorIQ’s recent Influencer Marketing Trends Report, a survey with 225 brands and agencies on the key trends to expect in 2024, 66% of brands and 82% of agencies say creator content drives more ROI than traditional digital advertising that doesn’t feature creators.

Among the various creator-led strategies available, 22% of brand marketers identified sponsored digital ads featuring creators as the most impactful marketing strategy, edging out other creator-driven strategies like affiliate marketing and user-generated content (UGC).

Not only does creator content outperform traditional ads, but it’s less expensive to produce as well. In the last year, 40% of the organization surveyed reported an increase in costs associated with traditional ads, while content production costs for creator marketing held steady.

Yet creator content is still used less in than a quarter of their digital ads. Only 13% of brands reported using creator content in the majority of their digital ads.

This may soon change, judging by where the money is going. More than half of the companies surveyed (55%) say they plan to increase their investment in influencer marketing budgets, with 1-in-4 brands reporting influencer marketing budgets of over $1 million annually.

A nearly identical number (54%) say nearly a quarter of their total marketing budget is now allocated to influencer marketing, while 47% have increased the number of staff dedicated solely to influencer marketing.

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