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Building Apps into Loyalty Strategy is Imperative for Brands

InMobi Pulse conducts consumer insights study to understand if app owners are more or less likely to visit a brand’s physical storefronts as compared to non-app owners.

For QSR and retail brands in particular, what is the value of apps? Does it make sense for these brands to invest in their own mobile apps and try to have more daily active users? That’s what InMobi wanted to find out.

Recently, the InMobi Pulse team conducted a study using aggregate app behavior and first-party data, app SDK data and survey data to see if app owners (i.e., the people who have a brand’s app on their mobile device) are more or less likely to visit a brand’s physical storefronts as compared to non-app owners. With millions of dollars still spent in person, it’s more critical than ever for brands to engender loyalty with customers. We found:

  • App owners visit brick-and-mortar 41% more in a year than non-app owners. Retail and QSR app owner store visits are as high as 39% more frequent. Store visits for big-box retailer app owners are 24% more frequent, and for grocery app owners over 25% more frequent.
  • Big box stores have the most app awareness, with the top three garnering 25-29% awareness. 60% of consumers ages 55+ cited convenience as the top reason they shop through retail apps. Besides word-of-mouth, consumers cited mobile ads as a top way they find out about an app.
  • 33% of consumers cited that saving time was why they shopped through QSR apps, while 26% consumers cited convenience. Despite responses, our study found that app downloads are generally low.

Brands everywhere are facing a loyalty problem. In an era in which consumers can buy from multiple brands through multiple channels at any point in the day or year, why should they purchase from one in particular?

Apps can help address this issue. With consumers spending more time than ever on mobile, apps give brands a direct connection to consumers, allowing them to better understand what their customers want. Going forward, the brands that invest in their own apps (and in app user acquisition) are the ones that will be in the best position to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

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