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Advertising Age Highlights Column by Nomology CEO Robert Gibbs

The historical concept of “safe spaces”—where marginalized groups are free from bias or criticism—offers insightful lessons

LOS ANGELES — Advertising Age recently published an important column by Nomology CEO Robert Gibbs. Entitled “Brand Authenticity and Consumer Perception — Why Understanding Audience Values Is Key for Marketing Strategy,” the column draws insightful lessons from the historical concept of “safe spaces” — where marginalized groups are free from bias or criticism.

The column — which is available in full at — begins as follows:

“In an era where every click and share counts—and product and marketing strategies are spun out in mere hours based on TikTok trends—brands are caught in the whirlwind of staying true to their core while trying to appease an ever-diverse and evolving audience. The struggle for authenticity is real.

“The recent Bentley-Gallup Business in Society Report underscores the nuance of this balancing act. While older demographics might prefer neutrality on sociopolitical topics, younger, Black and Asian audiences seek brands that vocally resonate with their values. And overall, sentiment about the impact business has on society continues to trend in a more positive direction.

“The takeaway? More than ever, marketers need to figure out how to walk the tightrope between brand safety and authenticity—while realizing and preparing for the impact those positions are likely to have …”

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