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AdTonos Produces Music Video to Popular 80s Song to Mark the Product Launch of YoursTruly

to mark the launch of yourstruly™, adtonos is hosting an event featuring a recreated music video for the 80s rock band electric light orchestra's (elo) 1981 hit ‘yours truly, 2095’ on 8 november 2022 at east wintergarden in london.

Leading digital audio advertising platform and one of the fastest-growing companies in the advertising industry AdTonos is launching YoursTruly™, an interactive and actionable solution for audio advertising, where the listener can interact with the ad creative by voice in real-time.

On November 8 2022, AdTonos will host a hybrid 80s-themed event in London to celebrate the launch of this innovative AI solution. A recreated ELO music video for the rock band’s 1981 hit ‘Yours Truly, 2095’ will provide industry leaders with insights into the new era of audio advertising comparing what the imagined future would be with today’s reality. At the same time, the event will be broadcasted to a wide audience worldwide via video streaming.

“We believe that YoursTruly™, our solution for interactive audio ads, is state-of-the-art when it comes to fulfilling the untapped, thrilling potential for innovation in the Adtech space. Truly, we feel success in Adtech is all about the simplicity of use for brands and advertisers—and in the listener experience,” said Michal Marcinik, CEO & Founder, AdTonos.

YoursTruly™ gives brands the power of real conversation with its customers in their audio advertising by interacting via simple voice activation. This solution is technologically advanced beyond the current state of tech and integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into one, easy-to-use platform. It works on smart speakers and most Android mobile phones where the listener responds to an ad in order to receive more information or to perform any desired action.

According to Business Insider, Google Assistant can be installed on at least half a billion devices, 640 million smart speakers are predicted to be installed by 2024 (Statista) and 52% of internet-using UK households own voice-activated speakers (Digital TV Europe). Future developments will lead to more voice-led tasks such as starting a car with a voice command.

The first-of-its-kind audio interactive campaign AdTonos deployed for Audi using this technology lays the foundation for audio and voice advertising innovation globally. The YoursTruly™ technology was debuted via an ad campaign that Omnicom Media Group’s PHD planned and delivered for Audi and targeted London’s commercial radio stations in a worldwide first — including Absolute Radio, Kiss Radio and Magic Radio. Listeners could easily book test drives for the brand’s latest model through voice activation on their smart speakers. The campaign also harnessed intelligent geolocation technology to help listeners select their nearest dealership.

“It is very difficult for B2B tech businesses to present new products and solutions in ways that would be instantly understandable to potential customers. That’s why we decided that our product launch should be all about proper storytelling. And the story we tell is about love and tech, as there are lots of similarities with ground-breaking technology and emotions.” Michal Marcinik further said about the technology and event ahead. “It tells the story of love in the year 2095. We explore the idea that actually, love is like technology: It solely depends on us, our involvement, and how much we commit ourselves to it. It may be one-directional, dangerous, difficult. It can also be fulfilling, thrilling and … true.”

AdTonos strives to deliver the best technology possible, making human-computer interaction as natural as possible, and presenting technology in a compelling way requires good storytelling. While it can sometimes it can be difficult to explain how the Adtech solutions work in a concise way, AdTonos has drawn parallels between emotion and technology with this launch, to highlight that technology – much like a relationship – can be good or bad depending on how it is used and inputs it receives.

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About AdTonos
AdTonos is an audio advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. The marketplace offers multiple ad placements from well-known pre-rolls, through to mid-rolls and real-time ad replacement for live streaming. This provides advertisers with vast reach across digital audio channels, while radio stations, podcasters or music streaming services profit from the use of an effective tool that supports them in growing their revenues from online advertising.

AdTonos, as the first company in the world, has brought real-time interactivity to live radio with its YoursTruly™ technology created to deliver interactive audio ads. YoursTruly™ allows advertisers to dynamically insert interactive ads in live radio content and works: on all Echo devices or any smart speaker that has Alexa enabled, on all Google Home devices or any smart speaker that has Google Assistant-enabled, on 100% of mobile phones with Android and Google Assistant turned on, as well it can also work on iPhones or android phones with an active Alexa App.

Brands have, at their fingertips, an easy-to-reach audience of more than 272 million unique online audio listeners from the UK and worldwide and the potential of at least 5 billion ad playouts a month. AdTonos is supported by the UK’s Department of International Trade, helping the company to scale globally, and is a member of IAB UK, IAB Europe and the European Association of Commercial Radios, which represents commercial radio at the European Parliament.

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