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Adfidence Introduces First Preventive Brand Safety Solution

Unique solution identifies issues before campaign launch in Walled Gardens and all major DSPs

Redwood City, CA – Adfidence, a pioneering ad tech startup, today unveiled its latest innovation: an advanced, preventative brand safety solution tailored for major digital advertising platforms, including Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Alphabet (YouTube, DV360, Google Ads) and more. This groundbreaking update introduces pre-launch campaign checks alongside Adfidence’s existing in-flight monitoring capabilities. Developed in response to evolving market demands and direct customer feedback, this enhancement significantly elevates transparency, control, and effectiveness in campaign setups, while facilitating rapid, company-wide adoption of essential improvements.


Adfidence’s innovative suite of cloud tools enables the world’s leading advertisers to achieve an unprecedented level of brand safety, even within “walled garden” platforms. Unlike traditional ad verification companies that focus primarily on select aspects of brand safety monitoring in walled gardens after a campaign is live, Adfidence offers actionable solutions for managing, measuring and improving digital campaigns both at their initial setup and on an ongoing daily basis. The approach, called campaign setup governance, gives global advertisers tools to prevent brand safety risk at scale.


“Measuring campaign performance alone is like monitoring health without taking measures to prevent disease. To be effective, it’s important to anticipate and manage issues before they happen,” said Jacek Chrusciany, CEO and founder, Adfidence. “We firmly believe that this proactive approach of campaign setup governance is the key to navigating today’s complex digital landscape, and we are committed to providing advertisers with the tools they need to do so with minimal risk and maximum impact.”


Key Innovations and Impact:


  • Customized Control for YouTube, Google Ads, DV360, The Trade Desk, Meta and other major platforms. Adfidence’s tools provide a unified view across platforms and complement platforms’ built-in features including inventory filters and management of placements, content categories, channels, publishers, topics, keywords and more through selection, exclusion/block lists and inclusion lists. For example, brands can decide to exclude recently controversial Google Video Partners or Google Search Partners and ensure global compliance through daily monitoring. 
  • Step-changing quality and efficiency of implementation. Advertisers can now guide their media agencies or in-house media teams with concrete action items to resolve brand safety issues. They can also measure progress towards full compliance on a daily basis. This clarity about the necessary changes and transparency with respect to improvement delivered enables company-wide impact.


About Adfidence


Adfidence is an innovative media setup governance platform that is used by top global advertisers to optimize media buying, maximize media effectiveness, and ensure brand safety and hygiene of media data. The solution provides top media executives with transparency and campaign quality assessment, and delivers actionable recommendations for media buyers on how to improve the campaigns in flight. The platform is already overseeing over a billion dollars in digital ad spend and is used by top global advertisers such as Reckitt, Kimberly-Clark and Bayer.


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