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Adfidence Champions Brand Safety in the Digital Arena

Before Adfidence? We hoped for the Best: Jerry Daykin on Transforming Ad Placement Confidence

A recent MediaPost article titled “Safety In Numbers – Or Cross Your Fingers And ‘Hope For The Best’,” hits home for the digital advertising community with a clear message: navigating brand safety online is tough but necessary. Jerry Daykin, a leading voice in advertising and an advisor to Adfidence, pulled back the curtains on the issues plaguing the industry, particularly around brand safety, and the game-changing impact of having robust, real-time monitoring tools like Adfidence to counter them.

Global media buyers face the daunting task of safeguarding their brands in a digital landscape that only grows in complexity. Countless reports show the current measures for safety aren’t up to par. “The reality is you don’t always know how much of that is in place and followed,” said Daykin.

Adfidence stands out by providing first-of-its-kind digital media governance tools that offer unprecedented visibility and control over ad placements. The platform offers comprehensive productivity checks, covering audience targeting, creative quality, and optimization features, ensuring campaigns are primed for maximum performance.

As Daykin flags, these solutions are indispensable for major brands striving to maintain integrity across their digital advertising efforts. Adfidence empowers these advertisers to not only run campaigns that fully align with their brand message and purpose, it also transforms the way advertisers approach media ROI, turning insights into actionable strategies for improved outcomes.

About Adfidence

Adfidence is an innovative media setup governance platform that is used by top global advertisers to optimize media buying, maximize media effectiveness, and ensure brand safety and hygiene of media data. The solution provides top media executives with transparency and campaign quality assessment, and delivers actionable recommendations for media buyers on how to improve the campaigns in flight. The platform is already overseeing over a billion dollars in digital ad spend and is used by top global advertisers such as Reckitt, Kimberly-Clark and Bayer.

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